Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Will America's Young People Put Ron Paul in the White House?

As a follow up to my post, on Ron Paul's third place finish, in an Oregon poll (ahead of Gingrich, Pawlenty, Cain and Huntsman), Sam Bryan emails:

Oregon Poll Numbers (look at age breakdown)

Oregon breakdown:

18 to 29: 20%

30 to 45: 15%

46 to 65: 11%

Older than 65: 3%

Montana breakdown:

18 to 29: none polled

30 to 45: 15%

46 to 65: 8%

Older than 65: 10%

From here: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/pdf/PPP_Release_Oregon_Montana_628.pdf

What do these numbers mean? Young people overwhelmingly support Ron Paul for president. If we want to get him elected, then those who will inherit this country must turn out to vote him in far greater numbers than those who gave us this country's problems.


  1. Putting all our faith in the dependability, patience and wisdom of the young. History makes me go, hmmm.

  2. Although I am trying not to set my hopes for Dr Paul's 2012 prez aspirations too high, I still stand by the assessment I made in 2008- his "acolytes" are far, FAR more motivated to vote than the general public. If he isn't on the docket, most of them will simply not vote. If he makes a good run in the first few primary races, his base will turn out at the polls in record numbers. Since Romney, Palin and Bachman are empty-suit tools of the elite, I suspect that their support is miles wide but only a few inches deep. If he wins the primary race, Obama has no chance of beating him- he will draw support from the anti-war left, the anti-tax right, and the "I'm sick and tired of the status quo" middle.

    Since I have little doubt that the economy will be even worse- possibly far worse- than it is now, when the spring primaries are held he will have the advantage of pointing out his consistent critique of said status quo. His consistent and unassailable record will show voters that he isn't some Janus politician like the rest.

    I fear that unless he wins, the US as we know it will continue the slide towards naked fascism.

  3. It is quite odd that younger Americans see Ron Paul's principles as a real message. I must admit, I drank the koolaid of "American exceptionalism" 10 years ago. But, after having spend 4 years in the military, witnessed the past 10 years of lies, and watched as pol after pol has sold their soul for their own career, I think that now is the ripe time for a change in direction.

    The "baby-boom" generation and their eldest children are the hardest nut to crack, because they are the ones that have the most skin in the game when it comes to Social Security and Medicare. They are convinced that they paid into the Ponzi-program, so they should get something out of it (they don't realize that the money has already been spent). But, it is the younger generation that sees the scam for what it is.

    That is why I like the fact that Ron Paul has actually come up with a solution, cut military spending, cut entire departments of spending, and allow younger generations to entirely opt out of the system. Certainly, if we cut wasteful government spending today we can pay the bills for the next 20-30 years that these "generations" have become dependent upon. But, the key is that the younger generation wants out. They know that at current rates that this system can only end in one way- a horrible collapse. Older people have to realize that it is either make a deal now, or you get nothing (or, the reduced PPM equivalent).

    Yes, it is difficult explaining the ideas of liberty to older generations, because they have grown up in a world of dependence upon government. But, that is still no justification for them to be a burden upon future generations, or to keep a bankrupt system operating into perpetuity. It is quite a difficult situation, but it does not justify stealing from the young in order to pay the old. Eventually, it will be phased out either by design or by default, there is no longer any question about that. I would rather that we put our heads together and figure out a way out of this debacle now than to have it enslave all future generations, many of which are yet to be born.

    The polling of older folks has more to do with their fear of RPs positions on their "benefits" than anything else. If we can convey to the 45 and older crowd that we don't want to take anything away from them, but that we wish to allow younger generations to have the option to opt-out, then we might get some headway. But, most of this hinges upon whether we can actually reduce the size of the State, as well as the imperialist military apparatus overseas. It's an all-in-one deal, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

    Yes, it is a hard-sell. But, I am optimistic in that I believe that it can be done. If we cannot get the program going today, then by tomorrow it will be too late (figuratively speaking). Do it, and do it now.

  4. Jaffi Joe said "But, the key is that the younger generation wants out. They know that at current rates that this system can only end in one way- a horrible collapse."

    Not to be disrespectful Joe- and thank you for your service to our country-, but take a look at Europe and the Middle East. It is not the blue-hairs that are rioting in the streets. It is the youth. They may have some vague hint that bad times are coming, but for the time being (and it's been this way for at least a decade) the culture says "I'm getting mine and to Hell with the rest of you". If you want evidence of this in the States look no further than 2008 when the youth came out and voted for someone who promised them a free lunch and is still doing that very thing to this day I might add.

  5. Anonymous at 10:20 said...

    Putting all our faith in the dependability, patience and wisdom of the young. History makes me go, hmmm.

    I couldn't agree more.

  6. "Anonymous at 10:20 said...

    Putting all our faith in the dependability, patience and wisdom of the young. History makes me go, hmmm.

    I couldn't agree more. "

    Yeah, and putting our faith in the dependability, patience and wisdom has done wonders hasn't it? Yup, to the tune of $14 trillion, loss of liberties, endless wars, and almost no jobs. Yes, the old punks have done a wonderful job.

  7. Mike- To your point about the Early Bird Special crowd, yes-- they have done nothing to stop the mess we're in. However, my point was simply that looking to the youth of the world probably won't be the singular answer because they have been conditioned by their elders to expect the very same things. So the issue is not one of age, but of maturity in response to our circumstances. Find 20 million of any age that are willing to waive their presumed future entitlements now in order to have the opportunity to flourish in the present and you can change this country.

    A significant change of expectations on what government is and does (to you and for you) is all that's necessary.

  8. @Mike

    You said,

    "Yes, the old punks have done a wonderful job"

    You are forgetting that the current old were once the "progressive" youth that voted for these bankrupt schemes.

  9. @ Mike

    My anon post at 10:20 pm was less about pointing fingers and more to do with the "mallea'bility of certain demographic groups. If conviction isn't backed by moral principle then a "revolution" can be spun in any direction. Imagine throngs of Ron Paul newbie acolytes waiting for their latest directive from his newest fan, Glen Beck.