Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Yes to the Society, No to the Power"

The revolution against the banksters at ground zero: Greece.

A banner in Greece reads "yes to the society no to the power" at protests against plans for new bankster austerity measures.
A man against the bankster state.

More incredible photos from the Greek riots are here.

(Via Andre Grillon)


  1. Greek readers say the photos are selective and do not portray the general tone of the protests, which were peaceful. See comment below:

    "The violence images are VERY misleading.

    There were more than 500.000 people protesting peacefully on the streets of Athens (and other major Greek cities) and the riot was caused by no more than 100-200 provocateurs. It has also been proved beyond any doubt that many of them were police secret agents.

    So don't believe in this "violence in Greece" nonsense."

    Media loves to sensationalize. Guess they need some blood on the streets to keep them excited.
    If it's not bloody or bawdy, the dear things lose interest..

  2. The saying "be careful of what you ask for becuase you might get it" comes to mind here. Sadly from every thing I read, the Greeks are not fighting for the right to fix their economy but for the EU to continue propping up their make beleive economy with more debt with no strings attached. It appears that the man in the street does not beleive that the third alternative will happen which is that Greece defaults on its debts. They may be right, but ultimately that is what will happen.

  3. Mostly just a bunch of pissed off kids in the photos. When things really get down and dirty in the good old US of A things will not be so mild. Just the armed portion of "we the people" outnumber the cops and the military by a factor of 30. There will be NOTHING left after all is said and done.

  4. The Greek crisis, unfortunately, is not about banksters at all.
    It can be explained much more clearly in the lines of the classical liberal class war (see Rothbard and Raico for further explanations). Politicians, public employees and government "businessmen" have been looting Greece (and public debt lenders) for the last 40 years and they refuse to face the fact that they have run out of other peoples money. Make no mistake, these are not anti government protesters. They are government employees (in one way or the other) trying to keep their handouts.