Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Amazing FDA

Karen DeCoster explains:
The same government that puts policies into place that favor and prop up the industrial food machine is the same gaggle of authoritarian bullies that raid small farms, oppress small food producers, deter artisan food production, and stamp out personal food choices to ensure society’s collective "safety." No small feat, but then again, when you have a monopoly on violence under the pretense of government by the people and for the people, folks tend to think that whatever the ends, the means to such ends must surely be filled with good intentions.
Government and big corporations is not only about banksters. It's wherever there is a power center. When a power center exists, dark forces will seek to capture the power center and crush, especially new and small competitors. The only way to combat this is not via new people in power or more regulations (which create even more power centers, e.g. the Consumer, Finance and Protection Bureau), it can only be corrected by ending the government power centers.


  1. If there is a gun on a table in a room full of people, someone is going to pick it up. That someone is certain to be the one person in the group you'd least like to have a gun.

    If everyone else already has their own gun, the one on the table becomes much less attractive.

    The worst always rise to the top, so let's not have a top.

  2. Excellent point by de Coster. I think I heard it before by Rothbard.