Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The #AskObama Questions that Won't Be Answered by the President Today

For today's Twitter townhall being held by President Obama, you can send tweet questions to #AskObama. Washington Examiner columnist Tim Carney is tweeting up a storm:

How often do you speak with DLA Piper lobbyist Tom Daschle, and on what issues?

Geithner's chief of staff was a Goldman lobbyist. He didn't get a waiver. Does he really avoid all tax, monetary & banking issues?

Why are you trying to end a tax credit for 5 oil companies while leaving it in place for other oil companies & all coal companies?

In debt talks, will you keep the promises your White House made to the drug lobby during the health-care debate?

You hired H&R Block's CEO to write new IRS regs on tax prep companies. Block likes the new regs. Does this violate ethics rules?


  1. How can you sleep at nights?

    ... would be my question. Considering how he's destroying what ever is left of the economy.

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Tim Carney is a badass.

    This is what true journalism looks like, ferocious attack-dog style. Tim Carney is fast becoming the Rottweiler-Pitbull-Terrier of truth in the political economy.