Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Awesome Tom Woods Appearance on the John Stossel Show

Tom Woods takes on unions and FDR in this John Stossel segment. As this clip shows, Woods is one of the best defenders of free market economics going.


  1. Thank you, ten minutes on sanity island.

  2. When is Tom gonna get his OWN show?
    I know RW wants him in Congress, but that would be a waste of his talents, I think.
    He's a GREAT educator. I know, I'm a student of his...:)

  3. I would get a TV if Tom Woods had a show.

  4. I discovered Tom Woods listening to Mike Beitler's podcast in 2009, and I'll never forget my "hell yes!" reaction to his debunking the "more regulation would've prevented the financial crisis" argument (meme). I've read and listened to a LOT of material on the 08 crises, and Woods' analysis is still the best I've heard/read. He didn't even state it as eloquently in "Meltdown" in my opinion, his book on the Financial Crisis.
    Check it out on my YouTube Channel, a one-sentence rebuttal to the "capitalism" caused the crash lie.
    1:02 - 1:38 (0:00 - 1:01 provides context)