Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bachmann takes Sumatriptan and Ondansetron to Control Her Migraines

Michelle Bachmann has released a note from the attending physician of Congress in response to reports that her migraines in the past have been so incapacitating that she has had to stop her activities on occasion for days at a time.

“Your migraines occur infrequently and have known trigger factors of which you are aware and know how to avoid,” Dr. Brian Monahan wrote in the letter that was released by Bachmann’s office.

Monahan's letter lists sumatriptan and ondansetron as the medication Bachmann takes to control the migraines.


  1. Why is the "presidential" standard higher than government service in general. If Bachmann is not presidential because of her migraine problem, can she possibly be Congressional?

    Should she be allowed to drive a bus?

    Shouldn't there be a law against this kind of thing?!

  2. @Wenzel

    Ondansetron seems to be mostly used for the side-effects of cancer therapy.

  3. So let's take score on defending freedoms:

    Bobbie doesn't like Bachmann because she left a church (-1 for Bobbie on freedom of religion)

    Bobbie doesn't like Bachmann because she takes medication (-1 for Bobbie for 4th Amendment)

    Bobbie doesn't like Bachmann's husband because Bobbie swears that he must be gay since he hangs around gay people (-1 for Bobbie on freedom of assembly)

    Bobbie doesn't mind keeping Marxist policies like Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security and Farm Subsidies in place so long as the military doesn't offend his delicate sensibilities by snuffing out our enemies (-1 for Bobbie for Section 8 and -1 for 10th Amendment)

    Finally his unwavering bromance with all things Ron Paul who to be fair can't help the fact that so many anarchists, closet Marxists and circus freaks cling to him for dear life.

    This is not a personal attack against Bobbie, just an affirmation that sometimes his perception of things is a bit skewed from liberty.

    And since I know this post will invite the vitriol of countless sheeple --please don't encourage me.


  4. Mr. Anonymous
    Interesting post, since you are keeping score, how is Bachmann's record on defending liberty? Please list them out point by point so all us sheeple can count them easily. Thanks!

  5. @Lila Rajiva

    Yes, ondansetron is taken to help with side-effects from cancer drugs. That doesn't mean it is its only use.

    Ondansetron is used to treat nausea, which is a typical symptom of migraines.

    Nausea also occurs as a side-effect of pain medication such as percocet or vicodin.

  6. @Anonymous,

    You almost had me sympathizing with Bachmann over some of the hypocritical judgments of her but like the fabled scorpion atop the frog, you could not restrain your own nature. You had to plunge your own venomous stinger of duplicitous editorializing into the fray, drowning you along with any redeeming wisdom you may have rode in on. It must be the self-injurious nature of some contrarians to sabotage even their own astute but rare political insights.

  7. Paul or Bachmann, ...100% preferable to the alternatives...{you bunch of whiney nitpickers}

  8. @ Anonymous 7:11PM

    I sense that your grievances with Mr. Wenzel and Ron Paul come from a good place - you want the purest of pure liberty, and you want it now. I can dig that...

    ...BUT you are not doing anything productive in the way you post - In general, let me ask, what have you done to further the message of liberty? If I had to take a wild guess, I'd say that it's next to nothing compared to the likes of Mr. Wenzel ("Bobbie" as you refer to him), and especially Ron Paul.

    Since you obviously think these two gentlemen aren't doing things the right way, why don't you step to the plate and show them up?

    Until then, you're just a crab. A jealous hater and online armchair patriot, who criticizes some of the hardest working and most influential people in the liberty movement, on a blog. Bravo.

    Now, if you must, go ahead and call me a sheeple (sheeperson?) if it makes you feel better.

  9. I hope the migraine issue snowballs and rolls over Michelle. She is a neocon, and is weak on basic economics.

    As for her migraines, my wife used to have them all the time. After taking fish oil regularly, she has not had a recurrence. The brain is 3-4% Omega 3s (cell membranes), and most of us do not get sufficient Omega 3s, which are found in fish, grass-fed beef, and free-range chicken eggs.

  10. @Anonymous

    You are missing the mark entirely... Bob is saying these things on his blog which he has the right to say what he thinks about those people. For example, just because you criticize someone for being a drunkard or a drug dealer, does not mean that you are against their freedom to do those things. As is the case with Bachmann, if he wants to criticize her about for church hopping, does not mean he is against her freedom to do so.

    Secondly, another point I would like to make to you while you sit so piously on your high horse is that I applaud Mr. Wenzel for at least voicing his opinion with his name behind his statements. You seem to not have the fortitude and as much moral courage as him in this respect. So keep trying to reprimand him on his own opinions on his own blog posts Mr./Mrs. Anonymous.

  11. @Anonymous

    Yes. Just wondering if the medication may be overkill and causing more problems than solving them. Sounds like nutritional changes might help more.

  12. From what I saw on multiple "news" channels this morning, if you point out that maybe Michele Bachmann has a problem that it would be preferable for a president not to have, you will be accused of being "sexist." This strikes me as being just as absurd as accusing those who oppose Obama's agenda of being "racist."

    Personally, I would be just as concerned if it were any of the male candidates who were routinely disabled to the point of needing to be given powerful pain medications or even taken to the hospital as the result of migraines which are, in her case, at least, apparently brought on by stress.

    Unlike the members of Congress, the president has his or her finger on the nuclear button, to name just one very good reason why they need to be alert and thinking clearly at all times.

    Past Bachmann aides have stated that she has had to be taken to the hospital on occasion for her problem. Would she turn over power to her vice-president every time she had to be taken to the hospital for a painful and debilitating migraine?

  13. Bachmann gives me a migraine.

  14. I'm less worried about the headaches she has than the headaches she'll cause the rest of us.

    Yes, I know she's making a lot of libertarian noises of late. Reads von Mises at the beach and all that. But it's an old trick of the ruling elite to control the opposition by fronting a leader who was staunchly in their camp but recently and suddenly had a 'conversion' to the opposition. Eg, all the neocons who used to be Marxists.

    Ron Paul was anti-Fed when anti-Fed wasn't cool. He's paid for his street cred with decades of steadfastness. Michelle-come-lately may be on the level, but she's at least a decade or two short of establishing a credible reputation in the libertarian movement. Oh, and she has the brains of a pineapple.

  15. @Anonymous 8:08
    "Oh, and she has the brains of a pineapple."

    Maybe that would explain the migraines.