Friday, July 1, 2011

A Beltarian Gives Obama Advice on How to Force the Republicans to Reverse Their Demands on Budget Cuts

Megan McArdle writes:
What Obama should do is ...make preparations to shut down the machines that write Social Security checks and army paychecks, lamenting that he has no choice because the US is contractually obligated to pay its other bills. The GOP is betting that Democrats will take the blame for this. I think that is a very bad bet.

This is why schools and other government agencies facing budget cuts tend to immediately slash something high-profile and politically popular. That's how you get them to reverse the budget cuts.
Beltarian advice at its finest: Getting budget cuts reversed. The Republicans are likely to cave anyway, but why is a Beltarian providing advice on how to get budget cuts reversed? Will this be a topic at her next keynote?


  1. I object to calling Megan McArdle anything that even pejoratively associates her with libertarianism. She's a neocon of the creepiest kind.

  2. Thats it! I want the committee to suspend "curdled" Mcardle's membership as some sort of libertarian. Not only that , they should issue a press release publicly renouncing anything to do with her.
    1st thing nobody is going even look like suspending military pay for fear of mutiny and being accused of disloyalty (check the obeisance Barry made when announcing troop withdrawals from Afghanistan recently) and republicans would counter quoting from the current series of AARP ads urging cutting of the crazy programs, not cutting voter entitlements.

  3. It would be a great moment for the military to have their paychecks shut off. They might then realize they don't fight for their country or for patriotism, but for a paycheck. Perhaps then some might be less willing to do so.