Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boehner Plan Backloads Spending Cuts into Never, Never Land

Surprise, surprise. The Boehner plan backloads cuts into never, never land. The largest cuts will come in the year 2021.

From the Congressional Budget Office, the budget cuts under the Boehner plan (in billions of dollars)

2012 -4

2013. -20

2014 -58

2015 -66

2016 -73

2017  -79

2018 -87

2019 -95

2020 -103

2021 -111

There really are no serious cuts coming. This is all political theatre. Congress and the President are just really counting on Bernanke to buy up any securities issued by the Treasury.


  1. Looks like they just made up the numbers.

  2. Think this is the link you meant: http://tinyurl.com/42au74c

    Relative to March 2011 baseline... so, basically, it calls for the federal government to spend around $45T over the course of that time, if the March 2011 is relatively close to what I think is the January 2011 basline (http://tinyurl.com/4utu8hq).

  3. Did we seriously think that Congress would make reals budget cuts and gore the ox of some constituency? Puh-lease. We need to hold those that vote for the debt ceiling increase responsible - if we can remember it in the 2012 primaries and general election.

  4. Anonymous (8:22 PM),

    Don't worry, it will come up because in 2012 they need to raise the debt ceiling once again.

  5. Is it me or are politicians and their bed partners the most morally and ethically repulsive and disgusting group of people on the face of the earth?

  6. At least the momentum is starting to turn toward cuts in the deficit. It's not happening fast enough, but it's better than the situation a year ago.

  7. Larry
    If it's you, then it's me also and about 50 more people I could name off the top of my head.

  8. Why in the world are the sheep so content to while the politicians are raping them?

    Why are they getting away with the outright theft of our resources and no one says anything about it? The dog & pony show just keeps going and going and the msp reports it like it actually means something.

    This is a badly written version of Groundhog Day, Larry.

  9. This is what is known as "Kongressional Kabuki!"

    Traditional kabuki is all style--no substance. Things are never what they seem. In the old days, many of the kabuki actors/actresses were also prostitutes. How fitting is that?