Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CNN Cancels ‘In the Arena’ With Eliot Spitzer

CNN has cancelled Eliot Spitzer’s political talk show, “In The Arena”.

The few times I watched the show, I thought the hooker crazed, interventionist asked interesting questions of his guests.


  1. Robert, could the cancellation be a result of these new allegations against Spitzer?

  2. I actually thought he was pretty good. He seemed to ask hard questions and not let people get off with circuitous and obfuscating answers. I guess that probably pissed some of the high powered guests off enough to complain. My Dad was an exec in the news media business long, long ago and when asked why the media seems to go soft when interviewing powerful people, his answer was always the same, "hard hitting reporters(today interviewers) don't last long becuase no one will talk to them." Maybe that is what happened here.

  3. Great. Now could someone please cancel CNN?

  4. This is why... he embarrassed a Fed puppet

  5. I'm so 'Happy' that he is gone.. ..

    ever since he kept talking over Parker and told her that she was not cut out to do this kind of job.

    I swore that I would never watch him again..

    I think he is so arogant, so into himself,so condensending..

    And I still think he has the morals of an alley cat...

    so much for #9

    Hopefully someone will tell him, like he told Parker...

    "Pride cometh before the fall"..

  6. I thought Eliot was great and wondered what happened to him, but then, our thinking on political issues run along the same lines. Parker was totally neutral and deserved to go. She seemed smug and clueless but Spitzer kept the pace of the show going.