Sunday, July 31, 2011

A DSK Mistress Surfaces

A DSK mistress has surfaced. She has given an interview to a Swiss magazine and has Gloria Allred representing her. According to NyPo, the woman has also been interviewed by Ken Thompson, who represents DSK accuser Nafissatou Diallo.

The mistress (left) told the Swiss magazine, L'illustre, when asked if he was violentt:
"What is violence? A man who pushes you against a wall and who hugs you, is that violent?For me, this is not violent. He was not [violent] with me. Neither physically nor verbally....I didn't see myself as a mistress in life,. We were both stupefied by this intensity, this chemistry between us."

While I'm on the subject of DSK, there is something I find odd in the interview the Sofitel maid gave to Newsweek.

We know that the maid entered room 2820 three times, twice before entering DSK's room (room 2806) and once after. Her explanation according to Newsweek is that she left her cleaning supplies in room 2820. It's possible I guess, except for the fact that maids tend to have a very mechanized routine and she had 14 rooms to clean. I have never seen a maid leave cleaning supplies in one room to check on another room and I certainly have never seen a maid enter one room with her supplies locked in another room. That's just not the way maids tend to operate. For all practical purposes, they do piece work and are trained on the most efficient manner to clean rooms. A back and forth and another back and forth just doesn't suggest efficiency. There may be a very plausible explanation for all of this back and forth, but it does appear unusual behavior to me. It sure would be interesting to know who the guest was that was staying in room 2820.


  1. When have you seen a maid go from one room to another 14 rooms away? Did she decide to just skip 2807-2819 or just not realize the missing cleaning supplies in any of those rooms?

  2. There doesn't have to be anything wrong with that account. She can only clean up when someone leaves. Guests don't leave in a predictable fashion. Some leaver early, some late.

    She thought 2820 was leaving the soonest, so she kept her stuff there. Obviously, no one else looked like they were checking out then.

    She kept checking to see when they were going. Then she saw another room (DSK's, 2806) looked like it was going to be she decided to go there instead. Sounds fine to me.

    Think about how many times you've hovered over a parking spot because you thought someone was going to move, and then finally you had to race to another one, because that one emptied sooner.

    Everything looks suspicious in hindsight.

    I think it's far odder that with 3 propositioned employees, a visiting mistress, and a sexual encounter of some kind with a maid - all on ONE weekend; another rape charge from a completely diffirent woman... whose mother also admits to rough sex with him; with accounts popping out all over the place about assaults on maids, rough play, and manipulative sex with subordinates and employees, anyone still finds DSK so very credible.

    First, he was the perv of the century. Now he's a certified cherub....

  3. In fact, reading through this new account, I think it supports the maid's story, especially as the woman is clearly without malice.

    Sex plus extreme force would certainly feel like rape or attempted rape to most women.

    "Rutting chimpanzee"; "vulgarity of a squadee"; "brutality"; torn ligaments; bruised vagina.

    Doesn't sound like "seduction" to me.

    Fudges and all, I think the maid's story is essentially accurate. The set-up is only that TPTB are no longer willing to hush up this stuff.

  4. Cockburn has a good analysis:

    "It now turns out that certain charges during the demolition job on Diallo were entirely false. Perhaps most damaging was the accusation in the New York Times that seconds after the traumatic experience of assault by DSK she went back to cleaning another room on the same floor. Not so. It seems Diallo's room key was hooked to a computer record which showed that she returned to the other room only to retrieve her cart, which she'd left while trying to establish whether DSK had checked out and his suite was ready to clean.

    The charges by Murdoch's New York Post about Diallo being a hooker seem equally tendentious, doled out by DSK's defence team, with zero substantiating evidence. "

    Read more:,news-comment,news-politics,alexander-cockburn-does-cyrus-vance-jr-have-the-steel-to-go-after-strauss-kahn#ixzz1TjDTovAU

  5. So, Lila, if she had just been the victim of a violent sexual assault, why did she go back to the room she had been in twice already to claim her cleaning supplies. I would have said "screw the mop and windex" and headed to management immediately.

    Too many of the small details of this story don't make sense- her sudden transfer to a new floor, spitting semen in multiple areas of the room, the bizarre cell phone loss- for me to claim she was an innocent victim.

    Look at the Duke lacrosse (non)rape case and how the prosecutors (and the papers, especially the execrable NYTimes) twisted the story. This story has the same kind of plot, and the full facts have yet to be determined.

    I'm not saying she wasn't assaulted, but there isn't enough proof yet to say that she was, and the power and profiles of the players in this game should make anyone suspicious of the official narrative.

    Dale Fitz

  6. She is nothing like Mangum.
    She is not an exotic dancer with a history of taking drugs and getting in trouble. The only thing they have in common is they're dark skinned women.

    She fudged her immigration application.

    No libertarian should find that too offensive...
    And thousands of American expats try to get around immigration laws in other countries...not to mention CEO's with shell companies, offshore accounts or anything else, of which libs usually approve. Why so much sympathy for Marc Rich but none for her?

    She had no history of problems in employment.

    She did some dodgy tax stuff.

    Again, millions of Americans do as much or more...not to mention the housing bubble loan applications....or a million other minor grifts that are endemic from real housewives of Wall Street downward. Whose fault is it if the federal government provides loopholes and subsidies and people try to fit into them?

    All I'm saying is I don't see how DSK becomes suddenly credible, when he has a documented history of very similar (and in at least two cases identical) behavior with women of a vastly different background.

    And I don't see why his words don't deserve as much scrutiny as hers.

    Her life has been far more entrepreneurial on every account than his.

    He's been living off of public money at the IMF, where everything is done to manipulate and control economies all over the world

    He is a combination of ruthless power and extraordinary money that has allowed him behavior that would have had any ordinary person fired and in jail.

    But he's perfectly credible?
    The physical evidence backs her, not him. He changed his story in the beginning.

    The stories about being a whore were proved to be baseless.

    He shouldn't have been tried in the press, and made to do a perp walk and the rest of it. That is the fault of the DA

    But the idea that this isn't a credible case is very strange.

  7. Black folks can't get a break in America.
    With all the evidence against this despicable man, what is the freakin' problem in the DA's office?
    So a black person has to be a saint in America to get justice.
    No wonder folks like Farrakhan, the black panthers, etc. are always critical the US government.

    From a puzzled white male European observer.

  8. @Dale Fitz

    The spitting on the ground sounded mighty credible to me.

    As for inconsistencies or strange behavior...that's perfectly normal in cases like this.

    Sure seems like Casey Anthony, whose behavior was A LOT stranger, got a lot of sympathy from libertarians, and at issue there was THE DEATH OF HER BABY, not the impeccability (haha) of an obviously lecherous IMF bureaucrat.

    As I said, libertarianism is fine. LiberTARIANS however often betray their own philosophy in their actual sympathies.

    Double standards?

  9. @Anon

    It's not a black and white thing really.
    It seems the ability to judge things fairly, based on evidence, seems to have gone out of the window.

    There was no history of any Duke lacrosse boys assuaulting women..there was only one dumb email sent by someone and some he said, she said stuff.

    Those boys were not politically powerful, even if they were rich.

    This is a problem of reasoning.

    You have to be able to appreciate different contexts, weigh the merits of differing kinds of evidence, judge people and probabilities accurately....not just throw around glittering generalities, as one law professor used to say.

    That has all gone out of the window, and been replaced by infotainment screamathons, where it's all about scoring points and us-against -them polemics.

    As long we think in those terms, we are doomed.

  10. DSK is in no way credible, and his despicable actions in public (heading the IMF) as well as the reports of deviant behavior in private (the other women who have made similar claims of sexual impropriety) are consistent with a man drunk on power.

    However, the maid's own credibility (the multiple bank accounts and large cash transfers, the high powered law firms, the unexplained floor change) needs to be scrutinized as well.

    The people that are playing the high stakes global fiscal chess game (aka TPTB) had a big problem with DSK and his positions w/r/t the dollar, gold and his presidential aspirations, so setting him up to be publicly humiliated can NOT be ruled out. That is why the details of the case, and any hint of CIA/MI-6/Mossad involvement must be sniffed out.

    The maid is probably telling the truth, but if she is not, then the people who put her up to this need to be exposed.

    Does that not seem rational to you, Lila? As a contributor to The Daily Bell, you should know well that the behind the scenes actions of the VERY rich and powerful have a long reach, and no morals.

    Dale Fitz

  11. @Dale Fitz.

    Agreed. I don't doubt that there's more going on at the highest levels, and that there was a set up of some kind. I'm with Wenzel on that.

    Since I commented on this post, I've gone back and read what it was that turned off the DA and apparently it wasn't the lie on the immigration form but a lot of theatrics when she swore to them at first that she'd been raped.

    Apparently, she was very convincing then.

    That gives me pause.

    The lie itself is not the issue for me so much as her being such a convincing actress.

    About the card record and the multiple entries into the adjacent room. They have been explained by the need to stock linen from the linen closet.

    Fair enough.

    But then there's a last, short entry into DSK's room.

    Wenzel thinks that was when she was getting the DNA all over the place.

    That is a plausible (if suspicious) interpretation.

    But I'm more inclined to follow up on the waiter.

    Who was he? Why did he tell her to go in?

    Maybe he sent her there, while DSK, mistakenly thinking he was getting a hooker, approached her...setting off the incident (that was my first thought, actually, in some comment on this blog).

    Then, whoever is playing her, suggests to her that there may be money in it for her..

    We would need to find out more about the conversation about money (which doesn't necessarily destroy her credibility - in this litigious society - everyone is always looking for payouts).

    And about the men - the waiter, and the one she spoke well, as the "brother."

    Could be one of them was approached to set this things up.

    Frankly, what a waste of time, money, and public attention.