Friday, July 15, 2011

The Future: Getting Legally Served via Facebook

At least one couple has been served legally binding foreclosure documents via Facebook. A Canberra, Australia couple defaulted on a ‘six-figure loan’ and was untraceable via physical address or email, reports Bryan Ellis Real Estate.

The lawyer for the lender was able to locate them on Facebook, however, and verify their identities through matching names, dates of birth and the fact that they listed each other as friends. The court approved foreclosure papers being served to the couples Facebook account.
Thus far, the court has stated it needs to be satisfied on a case-by-case basis that there is a “reasonable prospect of success” before it will clear a lawyer to deliver papers via Facebook. “In this case there was enough information for the court to be satisfied that the defendants [would get the papers],” explained Archie Tsirimokos, a partner at Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers in Canberra.

Be careful what you put on your Facebook page, for some Facebook users are pretty much turning over the key contents of their wallet and their diary via Facebook! Remember when diaries came with a key? There was a reason.

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