Friday, July 1, 2011

Google Plans to Hire 12 New Lobbying Firms

Yikes, sadly what you have to do in America, if you are a successful firm, and need to keep D.C. parasites at bay.

The firms expected to be hired by Google, include:

 Akin, Gump; Bingham; Capitol Legislative Strategies; Chesapeake Group; Crossroads Strategies; Gephardt Group; Holland & Knight; Normandy Group; Prime Policy; The First Group; The Madison Group; and the Raben Group.


  1. It's a shame they have to do this. What a waste of money.

  2. They have no choice... the pols are salivating at the prospect of raiding Google's coffers, and Google has to hire somebody who knows how to pay off the thugs in a "legal" way before the thugs go violent.

  3. averros, so sad, but so true. Google has finally decided that "Don't Be Evil" is just a phrase, not a philosophy.

    (Their growing ties with the CIA don't fill me with hope that things will change)