Sunday, July 3, 2011

Krugman Hopes the New York Times Makes It

Yup, he says so in a blog post.

He also says that NYT is:
as important an American institution, in its way, as many government agencies
Only a Keynesian or a complete totalitarian would think to compare the importance of NYT with "many government agencies."

What agencies could he possibly be thinking of?

The broke ponzi scheme , the Social Security Administration.

The DEA, in a country where drugs are readily available in an.y city.

The gropers at the TSA.

The infltionists at the Federal Reserve.


  1. For once, I agree with Krugman. The NYT is like a government insitution at all levels.

  2. Did he have a check bounce on him? Or did they come to him and ask him to take a pay cut?

    I've been hoping for their bankruptcy and dissolution for the past few years. Since about 2007 or so, I've learned a good deal of history and economics, and consequently every piece of news I read now is filtered through that lens. Much like the Washington Post, while the NYT occasionally has a good article, they more often than not, put out complete garbage. So if they go away, I think the overall health of the world will be improved.

  3. I also agree with Krugman. The NYT is as important an American institution as most government agencies, in that the NYT and most government agencies are completely unimportant.