Friday, July 1, 2011

Maid's Lawyer: NY DA Cy Vance Afraid to Bring Case


Kenneth Thompson, the maid's attorney, says maid did not have consensual sex. Maid had bruised vagina and photos were taken  at the hospital which show the bruises.

Maid has torn shoulder ligament  as a result of DSK's attack on the maid, which may require surgery.

Maid's stockings were ripped by DSK in attack.

Thompson says all the DNA evidence and forensic evidence points to maid telling the truth.

Thompson says leaks by DA's office on maids credibility was all from information he brought to the attention of the DA's office so they would have a complete picture and that the DA is spinning the information to damage the credibility of the maid, which centered around answers made on asylum statement given by the maid when attempting to get into the United States.

Thompson charges that New York District Attorney Cy Vance does not have the courage to bring the case because he has recently lost other high profile cases, and is afraid he will lose another.

Update 2:

Here's the letter prosecutors sent to DSK lawyers outlining reasons for doubting the maid's credibility

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