Sunday, July 24, 2011

Prediction: Ron Paul Will Win Iowa Straw Poll

Says Lew Rockwell.


  1. Whose side is Lew on? The straw poll is all about beating expectations. RAISING expectations does Ron a real disservice.

  2. But in all honesty, what kind of victory can we really declare when 3 candidates that typically poll better nationally than Dr.Paul aren't even competing or are left off the ballot?

    I agree, he probably will But, you all know the media will twist this in the minds of the electorate.

    It's no different than people rushing to vote in an online poll for Dr.Paul. It proves nothing more than a small group is more organized than the rest.

    I hope Dr. Paul wins everything, but I want him to win it when everyone is giving their best. Because to me, it's like winning the Superbowl against the Colts, and Peyton Manning is sitting on the sidelines with a broken arm.

    Just my .02

  3. A win would bring some great publicity. Of course we can count on the media to downplay it.

  4. The bottom line is that the iron in any given political climate has never been hotter. So this is Ron Paul's time if ever he's had a time. In 2008 there were too many American people asleep at the wheel. NOW that some members of the U. S. media have started to recognize what Dr. Paul has been saying all along is a lot more relevant than what the current batch GOP candidates have been saying for decades...