Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some Sanity on the Debt Ceiling Talks, from Ron Paul

Ron Paul exposes the phoniness of the current debt reduction negotiations by calling for a simple freeze in spending at current levels. Congress won't go for this because what is going on are phony cut porposals.

If Congress was really having trouble coming to grips with the size of real spending cuts, then Ron Paul's proposal would be a no brainer. But what we really have is smoke and mirror negotiations, with a battle over whose smoke and mirrors will be used.

(Via Lew Rockwell's Political Theatre)


  1. Well, I guess he shut her up! I have to give her credit though: I think she realized she was not in a position to refute the thrust of his argument. I like Hemmer's observation at the end too. Ron Paul for president anyone?

  2. Hmmm let's see here....... the Dow lost 62.44 today. I guess Hemmer spoke a little too soon. Never underestimate the volatility of the modern market.

  3. What can you say, Dr. Paul again shows calm and logic. Boehner has a great voice and should step down and do Coka Cola commercials. That is all this crook should do. Move over and let principled people do the lifting. He is out of his league. Boehner talk to move Paul's ass, I don't think so. Good luck with that dummy.