Friday, July 1, 2011

State of Minnesota Shuts Down


Update: The state of Minnesota has shut-down, as a budget impass continues between Republicans and the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

Update 2: Well, my idea of a shut-down, and that of Minnesota are two different things. This is a limited shut-down, at best. Below, what is closed, what is open (ViaTheStarTribune)

Will remain open at all levels.

People will be able to renew licenses at driver's license agent offices. Driver tests will not be available.

State funding for K-12 schools will continue, but the state Education Department will largely be closed.

Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare, food stamps, welfare benefits, child support payments, county child protection services, refugee assistance, supplemental aid and some services for disabled people will continue. Child-care assistance, services for the deaf, Senior and Disability linkage lines, criminal background checks and food shelf distributions will stop. Licensing for food, beverages, lodging and swimming pools could be interrupted.

Will close.

Minnesota Historical Society's 26 sites and museums will close, including the History Center, Mill City Museum, Historic Fort Snelling and Split Rock Lighthouse.

Will not be issued. DNR officers will continue enforcement.

State Driver and Vehicle Services Division will be closed, but deputy registrars could renew license plates.

Veterans homes will stay open, along with critical assistance programs. Tuition reimbursement claims will stop, and veterans' outreach claims offices will close.

Will close to the public. Zoo staff will care for the animals and maintain security. IMAX and zoo concerts will stay open.

State Patrol will stay on. The state's prison system will keep 3,600 of its 4,200 employees, including most of those who deal directly with offenders. Local police will likely be unaffected, since the state will still send local government aid.

Canterbury Park and Running Aces will close. Canterbury officials are looking for ways to keep at least part of the business open.

Will remain open.

Will close. You won't be able to buy tickets or redeem winning lottery tickets. Drawings for Powerball, Mega Millions and Hot Lotto will continue, but no luck buying tickets in Minnesota.

Will remain open.

Taxes will be collected, but no refund checks will go out. Tax Court will be closed.

Most state-funded road construction projects will stop, except for emergency repairs. Twin Cities buses and rail lines will continue operating. South-metro bus lines will keep operating. Solo motorists will no longer be able to pay to use carpool lanes during rush hours on Interstates 394 and 35W.

Will be paid.

Will remain open.


  1. Very predictable. All of the state mechanisms which plunder and enforce the plunder will remain open for business. However, the ones that provide some measure of benefit to the citizenry (save the colleges which are the centers for statist indoctrination) will be shuttered.

    This is designed to inflict as much punishment and suffering as possible (without appearing cruel) in the hopes that the non-taxed people of Minn. will conclude that that increasing taxes as to the tax-payers is absolutely necessary.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

  2. It is pretty ridiculous. The education budget is the single largest item in the budget to the tune of billions in MN, and they have listed it as an "essential" service. The only thing they shut-down are the government-monopoly things that people like. State parks, zoo, racetrack, rest areas are all closed. But you can bet that LBJ's great-grandchildren will still get paid. I came for a government shutdown and all I got was a lousy park closing.

  3. Merely the first of many. A signpost on the road we are traveling.

    America and the world financial system are grinding to a halt. If you do not understand this and have not made preparations to protect yourself and your family, time is growing short. Take action NOW! Don't think about it - DO IT.

    There will be two types of people as this unfolds - the quick and the dead. Do not be among the second group. We need you. Once the old financial system is gone we will have to rebuild. It is why we are here.

    We live in the most exiting time in the history of mankind with an chance to change our world into what comes next. After centuries of economic slavery we have the opportunity throw off the corrupt financial system and be truly free.

    Understand that there no such thing as "too big to fail", including businesses, banks and governments. If you find that upsetting, take a couple of Advil and get over it. There is no white knight riding in to save us. It is up to us, but we are up to the task.

    One often hears that "Good guys always finish last." The truth is that they have not stayed around long enough to see the real finish. It is coming and there are many trials and surprises ahead as the current system unravels and dies. And, as with any mortally wounded large beast, it is extremely dangerous. Be careful out there.

    I love my county, I trust my fellow Americans and the people of the world to do the right thing. We may well have to start over. So be it. We can do this. Take heart. Do not be afraid. It is a time for truth, honor, wisdom, and courage - words you don't hear much anymore. Be one of the good guys. Help as many as you can.

    Trust in God.

  4. I wonder how much they will save this way. It looks more like an inconvenience to the people not to save the public any money. Have the People pressure the Legislature to cut a deal that is advantageous to the Unions and Democrats.

  5. Lets hope this trend accelerates

  6. Hey, it's a start.

  7. Minnesota's government is completely childish. Go to this link normally there are links to webcams for different parts of the highways. From what I know MNDot is still up and running and there are people working in the war room where they monitor the Twin Cities traffic and the related, but due to the "shutdown" they can't display links to webcams. Simply amazing.

  8. why is the University of Minnesota still open and giving Stony Brook ex president and new president of the U a 150,000 raise.