Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who is After Lloyd Blankfein?

Last week I commented on an odd profile of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankefein. I concluded that post this way:
But the bigger story here is that the Blankfein profile was done at all. Blankfein isn't the kind of guy that wants to waste time on nonsense like this. He must really think there is a chance he is going to lose his job. This was a desperate attempt to make Blankfein look human to the masses.
Today, the Washington Post contains a blistering attack on GS and Blankfein, the story contains no new news items, it's just a rehash of old stories strung together in blistering fashion.

The attack is first and foremost an attack on Blankfein and as a byproduct an attack on GS. These kinds of attacks don't happen by accident. It's also a bit odd that the attack is coming from a D.C. paper. Who is after Lloyd Blankfein? Do you think that Blankfein regrets calling a fog audible, when America's passive-aggressive president called a sit down?


  1. Bob Wenzel,

    did you notice that while the headline above the article reads "Goldman’s lost shine", the words on top of the browser window actually read "Gotham’s lost shine"?

    GOTHAM? WTF???

    Odd, indeed.

  2. Mafia infighting is just boring. Did Blankfein pee on Psychopath Obama's cornflakes?

  3. something is up: according to
    Ashraf Laidi
    @alaidi Ashraf Laidi
    Europe's biggest hedge fund, has sold its entire $850m (£517m) position in Goldman Sachs $GS
    21 hours ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

  4. Very interesting tweet, silent noise.

    Looks like the next few days will be fun for the market, since it looks like the debt ceiling drama will drag on for a few more days, and if that hedge fund positioning is correct, Gollum Sucks might be on the chopping block!

    As the Chinese curse says, "May you live in interesting times!"

    Dale Fitz

  5. Goldman Sachs during the tenureship of Hank Paulson, was involved in every possible finacial fraud and scam you can imagine including Worldcom, Enron, Freddy and Fanny, insider trading,pshinging, selling worhless CDO's before llyod came along to continue the party. If it was any normal firm it would have been closed down and all the officers put into jail for ever and ever, but it owns SEC, it owns Congessmen and senators, it's part owner of Fed, it pays rating agencies, it sucks the financial blood of every unfortunate firm or individual who comes into its lair, and it tells Washingron how to behave otr face its wrath. It paid Obahamas election costs, so GS and it's Wall street'' to big to fail buddies'' is the real unelected power that runs America. Obama/Congess/Senate is the face of the '' illusionary power'' that dances to the military industrial complex 's tune and it's Wall stree masters. God save the ordinary decent American people from such an abonination.