Friday, July 8, 2011

Who Will be the New Media Oligarchs?

America's media oligarchs are all gathered this week in Sun Valley, Idaho at Allen & Company’s media conference. Warren Buffet is there, Rupert Murdoch is there.  Andrew Mason of Groupon, Mark Pincus of Zynga and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook are there---you get the picture.

NYT's Dealbook reports on the start-ups that received an invite and are in attendance:
This week, the program features three young guns of Silicon Valley, all under the age of 30: Brian Chesky, the co-founder of AirBnb; Drew Houston, the founder of DropBox; and Adam D’Angelo, the co-founder of question and answer site Quora.

The three are scheduled to deliver presentations on Saturday morning to an audience that will most likely include Bill Gates, Mr. Zuckerburg and the founders of Google. 


  1. Might Christine Varney, Internet lawyer and ex-Obama Antitrust lawyer be in attendance?

  2. Media oligarchs can meet and scheme anytime and anywhere. The internet has outed them, and are on display for the what they are. Bloggers, like this one and many others and alternative sites will carry the day. They know it and fear it. Truth telling mixed with lies are bountiful with them as they are controlled by the man behind the curtain.