Saturday, July 2, 2011

Whoa, DSK Maid Looks Like Perfect Set-Up Gal

You know, the thing that has bothered me the most about this case has been the way the maid spit out DSK's semen in a number of places in the hotel room. Talk about planting evidence. I have not said anything about it before, because if  she was truly repulsed by DSK's actions, it would be a terrible thing to accuse her of. Now, with this NyPo report, if it is to be believed, it looks more and more like a set-up.

Here's NyPo:

Dominique Strauss-Kahn's accuser wasn't just a girl working at a hotel -- she was a working girl.

The Sofitel housekeeper who claims the former IMF boss sexually assaulted her in his room was doing double duty as a prostitute, collecting cash on the side from male guests...

The woman was allegedly purposely assigned to the Midtown hotel by her union because it knew she would bring in big bucks.

"When you're a chambermaid at Local 6, when you first get to the US, you start at the motels at JFK [Airport]. You don't start at the Sofitel," the source said. "There's a whole squad of people who saw her as an earner."

The woman also had "a lot of her expenses -- hair braiding, salon expenses -- paid for by men not related to her," the source said...

Sources also told The Post Strauss-Kahn's probers uncovered evidence that she was part of a pyramid scheme that targeted immigrants from her native Guinea.

"We have people who have been victimized, who have claimed she ripped them off. Nice working people from her neighborhood," a source said...
I would really like to know when this maid requested the transfer to work on DSK's floor. Was it before or after DSK booked the room?


  1. You have been on top of this from the start RW. Good work.

    Why is this "refugee" still here ?
    She needs to be tossed back to the 3rd world dump she came from.


    Seems you were more right about her than I was. I thought there must have been rough play for the injuries to have occurred.

    Still puzzled by that and how the prosecutors made out there was a case, if they knew all this.

    Stranger by the day.

  3. Bob, yep - good insights from the start.

    Only one thing.
    If a pretty white (or other color) female, not short of money for anything, takes off her clothes for the entire world for a living (super model); simulates sex or really has it on screen (acting); makes serial lucrative marriages and takes each spouse to the cleaners (socialite gold-diggers); is this different in kind from prostitution?

    If she also sleeps her way to a job, and in some cases ends up on the arm of the French president, is she a "working girl" too?

    Do you find it strange that DSK would have sex with maids consensually and then NOT pay them?

    Were the physical injuries to both parties real or not? Why would be get into a physical fight with her by refusing to pay?

    I think Vance is still spinning. Maybe, he's afraid of trying the case, and hoping to leak enough to be able to drop it.

    Which would still be a good thing.
    But, sorry, I'm still not believing what I read fully.