Friday, August 5, 2011

Do Not Pull Bogus Politically Correct Child Abuse Charges on a Public Bus

This is what happens when a bogus government inspired child abuse charge is dealt with by public school educated kids. MyFoxPhilly reports:
A nightmare came to life on board a public bus in Philadelphia back in July. Prosecutors showed security camera video in court showing passengers scrambling as men with guns open fire...

Prosecutors say the shooting and violence triggered because of a phone call that a woman, Penny Champan, made after having words with someone on the bus.

The video shows Chapman's boy running up and down the aisles by one of the seven cameras on board. Finally she grabs the child and spanks him. A man sitting behind her doesn't approve and he threatens to turn her in for child abuse.

She then makes a phone call. Investigators say she made that call to set up what is about to happen. A few minutes later, Chapman exits from the back, where the boy's uncle is waiting. He helps them off and holds the door open for two guys, brothers Caron and Rahim Patterson.

Investigators say they open fire with an assault rifle and handgun. Innocent passengers on board instantly turn into possible victims.

A prosecutor said that at least 5 of the bullets came right through the back door and several come through the side.

In the chaos a mother grabs her child and runs for the front. Other passengers try to hide. An 80-year-old woman freezes for a few moments before she drops and covers her head, just a moment before as a bullet shatters the glass above her.

Passengers pile up in front, including the man who criticized Chapman, the initial target of the gunfire. Finally the bus driver hits the gas and everyone gets away unharmed.

Defense lawyers argued that since no one was hit, no assault took place...

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  1. Bogus? Assaulting children causes stunted brain development and leads to the behavior you saw from the gunmen.

    Standing up for the child wasn't the problem. It was the solution. The problem here is we live in a nation of thugs and brutes and children are treated worse than garbage.

    Please stick to economics, Wenzel. Or at least read up on child psychology.

    Do you honestly think a woman who calls in armed thugs is a decent parent?

  2. Anonymous @2:11 said, "Do you honestly think a woman who calls in armed thugs is a decent parent?"

    Yes, the Person threatening to call in to protective services was a threat to the family unit.

    Haven't you been paying attention to how child protective services acts like a criminal gang, tearing families apart and destroying lives all while claiming to be the "experts" while actually producing destruction?

    The Old Soviet Union did this very well.

    Millions of Americans Do Not think spanking is assault. They also think the decision to spank or not to spank is up to the family, Not the state.

    Everything is economics.

    The state is Not the solution,... Not here, not there, not anywhere.

  3. The best case I ever heard against spanking is when a child asks his mother who just spanked him, "now does daddy get to hit you?"

  4. "Assaulting children causes stunted brain development and leads to the behavior you saw from the gunmen."

    Then i guess i must be going looking for a rifle myself soon, seeing as i was spanked in my youth as well. And yet just the thought of swatting a fly is actually unpleasant to me.
    While i find child abuse detestable, calling a spanking an "assault" is PC of the highest order, and typical of the demagoguery we see more and more of each day, and your ridiculous claim that it leads to psychopathic behavior such as seen in this case only mocks your own case.
    If spankings lead to the results you claim, then why wasn't the entire world population at one time psychopathic? After all, spanking is only regarded as intolerable behavior in more modern times.

    "Do you honestly think a woman who calls in armed thugs is a decent parent?"

    Wenzel never said this.
    It is the "rat your fellow citizens out to the government" on the basis of a simple spanking part that he was obviously referring to.
    Maybe you should stick to valid, logical arguments instead of becoming hysterical and using hyperbole or twisting words.

    While nobody is denying that these people are obviously psychopaths, it doesn't change the fact that this whole incident started because someone decided to use the government as a crowbar in someone else's private matters as the good little indoctrinated serf he obviously is, BEFORE he knew who and what he was dealing with.
    Big brother is teaching its serfs to act like Little Brothers more and more (just ask Janet Napolitano), for the most bogus of reasons. THAT is the problem being alluded to.

  5. The defense lawyers are using NBA rules: no blood, no broken bones, no foul. Sheesh!

  6. "NBA rules: no blood, no broken bones, no foul."

    And that's how it should be.

    Anything beyond that is why the country is as messed up as it is.

    The most important aspect of this story, to me, is, the state is loosing it's position of moral authority,... a prerequisite to People loosing their faith in the value of the Dollar and therefore a precursor to hyperinflation and all the rest?

  7. "Do you honestly think a woman who calls in armed thugs is a decent parent?"

    Probably not.

    Do you think that a complete stranger threatening to call in armed thugs to take away your child is decent behavior?

    Definitely not.

  8. I was spanked as a child -- sometimes deservedly, sometimes not. However, the major assaults I suffered as a child were at the hands of other kids while I was undefended at public schools. When you're a kid mixed in with other kids a few years older than you, it's like having giants all around you every day ready to pounce; they often did. If you dared to fight back, and you were caught, you were given the same punishment as the assaulters.

    This particular case is an example of what starts happening when the supposed keeper of justice becomes unjust. Everyone knows child services is an arbitrary and unjust organization. Regular law enforcement is coming close to obtaining the same status. I think you can expect more of the type of vigilantism as the government becomes even more unjust.

    And relative to the pop-psychology of how much damage spanking does to a child's psyche, I have to wonder how much damage is done to a child by his seeing his mother hauled off by government agents because she spanked him. I believe it's much more damaging than any spanking could be.

  9. Man threatens to call armed thugs and report something that is not his business.

    Woman he threatened actually CALLS armed thugs to commit violence on her accuser.

    Both are wrong, as both violate the Non Agression Principle.

    The true victims, though, are the innocent bystanders caught in the gunfire.