Thursday, August 18, 2011

Does the Government Have an Internment Camp Set Up for You?

Jesse Ventura reveals what he has discovered, here. Very chilling.


  1. FEMA was never originally meant to be an agency for helping out after natural disasters. Someone should look into the real history of FEMA and why it was formed.

  2. Looks a lot like what we had in the Soviet Union. A great deal of people from my family were taken to places like that years and years ago. I've head my parents and grandparents talk about these camps in Siberia and other parts of Russia. Unfortunately, none of the stories were pleasant.

  3. Just finished it. Chilling shit.

    I'm pretty discerning with "conspiracy theories", since I've been following them for over 15 years, but the facts often force the rational person to admit to the factual nature of some conspiracies- JFK, Viet Nam, WW2, and the full story of 9/11 come to mind. Occam's Razor and all.

    This one passes the first sniff bullshit test, and I fear deeper research will just lead me further down that rabbit hole. Since the "economic collapse" scenario becomes more plausible every day, we may find the truth soon enough. Governent is generally incompetent at everything but propaganda and killing people, so fear is an appropriate response to this kind of shit!

    Dale Fitz


    How does the President establish something in January 2010 then post nothing relative to it for almost 20 months?