Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Estonia: The First Misesian Country?

It's far from that now, but I think the country has potential. Kaarel Tamm emails:
Thought I’d point out to the latest RadioFreeMarket show - they interviewed a good friend of mine. We are running the Mises Circle Tallinn here in Estonia. It’s quite a decent short show where he speaks about Estonia, its economic model and how we’ve managed to have a budget surplus. It’s a great short piece to learn about Estonia if you are interested in it.  If any American or Asian firms would to open an office in Europe, then Estonia could be THE place to do it!

The interview is here.
The interview is quite fascinating. At points I did wince, for example, when it was mentioned that Milton Friedman money ideas and Hayek's currency board ideas, were used to create an Estonian currency, rather than a gold currency (before Estonia became a euro-zone member). Personal income taxes sound quite high, but overall there seems to be a quite strong libertarian under-current among parts of the Estonian population. There also seems to be some Ron Paul and Mises Institute influence.


  1. I am afraid that the political philosophy of the Estonian Misesians is classical liberalism. As such they concentrate their efforts on minimizing the government and making it more efficient. The first goal is illusory and the second is unethical and economically "bad".

  2. Misesian is difficult to pronounce. How about "Estonia: The First Country To Start Upon A Long And Arduous Path Toward A Logical And Responsible Economic System Inspired Largely By The Great Economist Ludwig Von Mises?"?

  3. I.G.
    You ARE kidding. Right????

  4. A violent Mafia, legal or not, always brings prosperity to an area. It is totally unethical to reject a thieving gang that refers to themselves as "Government". It is also "bad" for the economy not to give all your productive earnings to the violent animals.

    -A Publik Skewl Grad

  5. ''/../ Milton Friedman money ideas and Hayek's currency board ideas, were used to create an Estonian currency, rather than a gold currency (before Estonia became a euro-zone member)''

    Actually they considered pegging the Estonian Kroon to Gold, but the IMF denied it!! That's why it was then pegged to the Deutsche Mark (which ultimately turned into the Euro).

  6. What that I said in my posting seems like a joke to you? Please be more specific.

  7. True. A government very much is the sole source of all that is good in life. there would be no prosperity or life on Earth without them. Government is your true mommy and daddy because they ALWAYS give you stuff for free. It is those evil republicans that refuse to give up their income so we enlightened can live for free.

    -A Retarded/Public School Brat

  8. I. Georgiev, I don't think that I have met you so it is strange that you claim to know what kind of political philosophy Estonian Misesians (the members of Mises Circle Tallinn for example) hold. There are some Misesians and Hayekians among us but the majority are Rothbardian Anarcho-Capitalists. So you are mistaken in your assessment.