Monday, August 22, 2011

FBI Spying on

Justin Raimondo, editorial director of and author of  An Enemy of the State: The Life of Murray N. Rothbard, has the incredible details.


  1. Terrible stuff.

    I told you I saw Raimondo on DiscovertheNetworks, which supposedly tracks the left.

    You'd think they'd get their targets classified right, at least.

    Annals of Press Intimidation, volume 2: NYPost is reporting that Eliot Spitzer is being sued for 60 million Gs by a Marsh & McLennan executive he said was criminally culpable for insurance fraud in an article.

    M&M of course is well-known to all 9-11 well as its principals, underlings, overlords, and co-conspirators, whom I will refrain from naming in case EPJ too should be at the receiving end of a 60 big ones lawsuit....or goddess forbid, join poor Raimondo on the FBI's Valentine's Day mailing list...

  2. The Mount Holly New Jesey police arrested five Israelis from Urban Moving Systems who have been linked with Mossad many times). The local police guys interviewed all five separately and said they were very suspicious and lying a lot.

    The FBI flies them back to Tel Aviv...shut up and don't ask questions.

  3. I am starting a "Honk If You Support Justin Raimondo" campaign. Let's see if we can get it going here.


  4. HONK! * infinity.

  5. Chilling article. I'm sure that Lila, Bob, Zach and I, as well as Lew R, Gary N, Walter B, Bob E, etc are all under some sort of surveillance. Anthony Wile at Daily Bell is probably followed from morning to night since he seems hellbent on exposing the various tendrils of the elite.

    Antiwar is an amazingly informative and revealing site, and I hope that he gets the funds to continue. I just made a small donation to help him out.

    If the socialist left had any moral center, the ACLU and various other organizations would be screaming bloody murder about these invasions, but their silence is telling. As long as it is a Democrat leading the war, they are all for it 110%.

    Dale Fitz

  6. Bovard says maybe the fault lies with FBI employees promoted above their pay grade...

  7. @Dale

    Having your phone conversations and your private mails read over months, maybe years, is a rape in many ways worse than physical rape. At least, Justin can speak up and has the proof in his hands. Not everyone is that fortunate.

    I wish him the best.

  8. True enemies of the state are threats that must be watched by the evil empire. Foxnews, with the exception of the Judge, would probably be applauded by the FBI for being so supportive of the government.

  9. @Dale Fitz,

    I doubt the FBI is looking at anyone on EPJ.

    There are countries where you would suddenly be hauled off to prison, without any explanation.
    So at least, we don't have that.

    But having your private conversations monitored is traumatic and nothing to be shrugged off.
    It is no different from stalking.

    People have been known to go crazy with prolonged surveillance/stalking.

  10. @Wenzel


    There are two suits against Spitzer totaling 90 million. I am sure many on the right are seeing this as karma for all the years Spitzer intimidated them, and maybe they have a point, but it's interesting that the article in Slate doesn't actually even MENTION the two executives who are suing and that M&M were indicted and charges did stick. They were later thrown out for things that happened on someone else's watch, not Spitzer's.

  11. @Anonymous 10.13

    It's really not a left-right thing. Fox does some great reporting, despite its biases.

    For a long while Cavuto was one of the few places you could hear anything real about the financial crisis.

  12. More details and analysis of the Raimondo business:

    Notice it's mostly related to Raimondo's posting and writing about the 9/11 Israeli moving company story.

    Since that was also a counter-terrorism investigation, questions arose about antiwar.