Monday, August 22, 2011

From Martha's Vineyard, Rothschild Disses Obama

Salon reports that it spoke to Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild by phone on Friday while she was in Martha's Vineyard. The same spot where President Obama is vacationing.

Though both being at the Vineyard, Rothschild does not appear to be a fan of Obama's. She told Salon:
In 2008 as a Democrat, I tried as hard as I could to say that it mattered that Barack Obama did not have the experience to run this country. In the last three years we have seen absolutely that that is the case. The man is lost. The man is a loser. The man is not listening to people who might help him. And four more years of Barack Obama will be devastating for the country.
Rothschild appears to be a strong supporter of John Huntsman, Eric Cantor and Andrew Cuomo. She told Salon:
I really like Jon Huntsman, I think he is exactly the president we need right now... Whether he can win the Republican nomination I don't know. If he won it, he would beat Barack Obama in a heartbeat.

I have no time for the Democratic Party anymore. Their failure to stand up to the Chicago-dominated Democratic Party is appalling. The only person who is really doing it is Andrew Cuomo. I think Cuomo is a really unique thinker, and he is outside of the Chicago boys Democratic Party of Barack Obama that everyone else just falls in line with...

Obviously the Republicans don't offer me everything, but I also refuse to demonize the Republicans. I think John McCain is a great and very courageous man. I think that Eric Cantor, who is so demonized, if you look at what he actually says and believes in terms of the economy, he is actually a very constructive person.


  1. This is hooey. Rothschild was perhaps the richest of the rich supporters of Hillary Clinton and apparently STILL hasn't gotten over that tough nomination fight (even though Clinton apparently did).

    She was an ardent supporter of Clinton; mow she says Huntsman's "exactly the president we need right now." Question: what are the similarities and differences between the political views of Clinton and Huntsman, and is it feasible for someone focused on the issues to select these two out of the range of choices?

  2. What! A Rothschild wants the status quo? You don't say.

  3. An east coast Democrat is disappointed that the east coast Democrats are losing power to Chicago Democrats. Another shocker.

  4. The lady married into the family. She does not speak for the family. The Rothschild's control all the central banks on the planet. See the list here, they CONTROL, MONEY, WAR PEOPLE.

    They also control the dimwit playing golf at the Vineyard, and the rest of the political puppets in play at all times.

    Our choice? Fat chance. Their choice whom ever they please. The lady here is full of it, she is eye candy.

  5. Huntsman willing to run as VP for Bachmann.

  6. What game is she playing? Her family selected Obama and now she claims he is a loser. Our bankster slavemasters are psychopaths. Did Our Owners think she would be their cuddly face?

  7. She is right though. Obama is a loser and Huntsman would make a great President.

  8. Anyone who actually believes Eric Cantor is being "constructive" in regards to the economy, is out to lunch. To put it lightly.