Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fukushima Radiation Highest Ever, Exceeding Capacity of Measuring Device

From Washington's Blog via  Naked Capitalism.  Things are – literally – heating up again at Fukushima:


  1. I have been curious about the brave Japanese workers who stayed behind to attempt to fix the reactors when they knew they were exposing themselves to lethal amounts of radiation. Have any of them been hospitalized or died yet?

    I haven't heard anything about those modern day samurai, yet we all know something has to happen with them.

  2. Per your post of March 25, I wonder where "Steve" and James Russel (PE, CHP, Registered Professional Nuclear Engineer, California, and Certified Health Physicist (radiation protection specialist)), are now. Clearly, we should not worry about things we don't understand, because the state run media would tell us if there were a real problem. And if the the media remain silent, we always have "Steve" and James Russel, whose clairvoyance allow them to determine from afar that the Fukushima situation is no big whoop. Who are these people that think the government has our best interests in mind?

    See their own words castigating you for "fear mongering:"

  3. Anonymous @ 1:47, Here's all I could find:

    Workers at Fukushima Complain of Bad Conditions.. So What?

    "If it is so dangerous, then how is it that 1,500 people could be working at the plant everyday?...

    ...Thirty two workers have heatstroke related problems in the summer in Japan because they are working in protective suits in 30 degree celsius (86 fahrenheit) temperatures..."

    Need Facts on Fukushima Disaster?
    Try this:

    Wednesday, August 3, 2011
    TEPCO Is Not Providing English Translation of Its Report to NISA on Emergency Cooling Scheme That Assumes Fuel and Reactors Intact at Fukushima I

    ...The Japanese government seems to be "instructing" TEPCO not to release certain information in English.

  4. vested interests anyone? keynesian economists? high ranking Military officers? did they ever put themselves out of business by accepting they were wrong? No they just tend to redouble their efforts.

  5. Mark said, "Clearly, we should not worry about things we don't understand, because the state run media would tell us if there were a real problem."

    What do you make of this guy in Alberta, Canada using a handheld meter which is displaying a dangerous reading from rain samples?: