Tuesday, August 9, 2011

HOT: Seal Team 6 Members Were Murdered

What really went down at the "Osama bin Laden" raid?

Alex Jones is reporting that the  Seal Team 6 members, who were reportedly recently killed in action above Afghanistan, were actually murdered because they were going to blow the cover and report the truth about the phony(?) Osama bin Laden raid.

Here's Alex Jones, you be the judge:



  1. I'm not on board with most of Alex's conspiracy theories, but I have to respect his fire and passion for liberty and freedom. There aren't enough liberty advocates with his eloquence and speaking aptitude.

  2. It seems to me that if you believe one thing Alex Jones reports then you have to believe them all. He seems to be able to put a conspiratory spin on any and every major news story that surfaces. There is no doubt that he can raise logical skepticism on many stories, but if you read/listen to him for an extended period of time you will realize that this man thinks the entire world is under a dark cloud of insidious conspiracy. In my opinion prescribing to his theories can be quite depressing and mentally taxing. If even half of what he reports is true, then we are all doomed. At that point what does it matter if we have knowledge of intent? If there is a massive globalist agenda to enslave and control the masses then what is one to do to avoid it? We can't physically fight back, we can't complain to our "representatives", avoidance is futile, and most of us are so locked into debt that we have little or no time outside of fetal servitude to take action even if we are cognizant.

  3. History in the making, live assassination made for our consumption.

    Beautiful pictures of our liar in chief and inner circle of flunkies during the Osama debacle.


    Advance warning to the Taliban of this chopper needed to seal the deal for their death's.


  4. Alright, I'm the judge...Alex Jones is a pathetic, juvenile man who should never be taken seriously nor posted on anything resembling a serious site. He has exhausted any legitimacy he may have once had and therefore any story he reports whether true or not loses credibility.

  5. AJ is not a reliable source always suspected him of working for the other side -- but something was wrong about burying at sea and this time is one of those times AJ is probably right.

    Long Live The Republic

  6. I see comments like this a lot, "Alex Jones ... should never be taken seriously... blah blah blah" I find it odd there are almost Never any facts presented to counter what Alex says. Funny, that.

  7. Murray Rothbard: "All conspiracy theories are true."

  8. OK,
    I'll stipulate that AJ is an irresponsible wacko.

    But WHAT ARE THE CHANCES that out of hundreds of thousands of U.S. service folks that 25 members of the OBL hit squad die two months later...???

    See: Paul Craig Roberts at LRC.com....

    funny, I never heard that 25 of the 31 or so were seal team 6. Maybe I wasn't listening hard enough.

  9. Of course the criminal gang known as government conspires against us and its own members, just as the criminal gang known as the mafia does the same. The only problem with Alex Jones is that he doesn't understand that such criminality is inherent in government itself; therefore, his calls for limited government are futile. Since when has a criminal gang limited itself? In any event, just because Jones sees a conspiracy in everything doesn't mean that all his theories are false. If you don't like his theories, then refute them with evidence. Don't reject his theories merely because you choose to live in a dream world.

  10. I've got hot news too. seal team 6 actually caused 911 and then were going to come out so they were killed. I have just as many facts as he does. If you believe this story, get your head checked. There are no facts.

  11. Anonymous (August 9, 2011 6:39 PM)

    "I find it odd there are almost Never any facts presented to counter what Alex says."

    Because it's kind of hard to prove a negative.
    It's like disproving the existence of God.
    The onus of proof is on Alex Jones, not those who believe something does NOT exist, or has NOT happened.

    For example, if Jones would claim there are CIA-agents in the twin towers 1st floor before the collapse, and i disbelieve him. What "proof" other than the non-existence of proof that they WERE there, do i have? But the official footage, none of which show CIA-agents, is dismissed because it is the "official version" and cannot be trusted, so Alex Jones is essentially engaging in a circular argument not to except my case.

    It is by the same token that conspiracy theorists have claimed that Julian Assange is an agent. He *has* revealed secrets, but not secrets that are deemed sufficiently revealing or damaging in the eyes of conspiracy theorists, *therefor* he is merely pretending to oppose governments but is not the real thing. They believe 9/11 was an inside job. Assange didn't present proof of this, *therefor* he must be in cahoots with the government, because the notion that there simply is no proof in the documents is unacceptable to the theorists.
    It's circular reasoning.

    The problem is not that conspiracy theories are impossible. Operation Northwoods proves that. The problem is that someone who seems to come up with three new ones every day, one nuttier than the other, is impossible to take seriously. I actually take some of the theories seriously as a possibility. Alex Jones, i do not.
    I think he is either enjoying having his position among blind followers as some kind of "prophet", or he may be suffering from some delusional disorder where he sees patterns in everything. This does not contradict the possibility that he may actually be close to the truth every now and then.

  12. Anon@524PM-

    Resistance is NOT futile! As Andrew Wile @ The Daily Bell has so eloquently and disturbingly shown, with mounds of circumstantial and direct evidence, the "greater conspiracy" of powerful and secretive families shaping and controlling the course of history is a fact. The preponderance of the evidence forces a reasonable person to conclude that many of the events that we are lead to believe are true are in fact fantastical concoctions of a corporate controlled government, media, educational and banking system. Accepting that is an exercise of intense self-introspection and deep reflection on the things we are taught- via the media, school, "accepted wisdom" -and rejecting it for a more plausible and disturbing acceptance of reality.

    It's scary, lonely, and often depressing, but if you read EPJ then you already accept part of the narrative in that the government/central banking/media nexus is lying to us daily, so the leap to believing that many other accepted narratives are false as well isn't impossible.

    I don't know if I believe this single piece- it could be false- but fits neatly with many of the other pieces of reality I've accepted over the last two decades regarding the fundamentally flawed and dangerous notions of our government and its unsavory intentions.

    Until we can cast off our invisible chains and accept the glories and dangers of true freedom, we will remain slaves. As the saying goes, nothing is more pathetic than the slave who mistakenly believes he is free.

  13. Addendum-

    Anon, you have to "swallow the red pill" if you are ever going to see The Matrix as it actually is. It's scary, but it will set you free.

  14. To elaborate on what a previous anonymous (6:39) said, Alex Jones is a source of information (as is FOX, MSNBC, Economic Policy Journal, etc.). Almost all -- if not all -- sources of information have their own points of view and, at times, will even draw a conclusion based on the info they're providing. Only the laziest minds seek out conclusions. Thinkers seek out information because they know and want to come to their own conclusions. The lazy-minded will usually openly admit that they rely on others for conclusions by saying stuff like "I don't trust/believe anything said by person [x] or that appears on website [y]".

    With that being said, I do not agree with Alex Jones' conclusions at least 80% of the time but infowars.com is still one of the 20+ sites I check every day as it is a valuable source of information (exponentially more valuable than any of the MSM sources -- NYTs, FOX, MSNBC, CNN, etc.).

    For instance, if not for infowars.com, I would have never of know of this interview of the man who lived next door to the 'OBL compound'. While the translation was lacking, it motivated Paul Craig Roberts to solicit a quality translation.

    Regardless, the government is much less credible than Alex Jones and the only reason to believe the US killed OBL in Pakistan on May 2nd -- since there is nothing to corroborate their story -- is because you have faith that what the government says is true.

  15. I blame the bond rating agencies.
    And Matt Damon.

  16. I hope you are at least friends with jones because posting nonsense like this on your site is will lose those who don't fully understand that you are right on economics. They will see this nonsense and assume the rest is too

  17. Well sure...If I were a Mafia Don and hired someone to kill a dude...I would kill that hired guy afterward because dead people don't testify. Don't no why anyone is shocked by this.

  18. No member who was killed was invloved in Bin Laden operation.

  19. CNN says same unit, different soldiers.

  20. It could have been a Taliban rocket which brought the chopper down, plain and simple. It also could have been a CIA rocket aimed at eliminating any chance of ST6 members speaking out. Or it could be somewhere in between.

    Stay tuned.

  21. You know, Alex Jones thinks EVERYTHING is due to some deep-dark conspiracy. Why is conspiracy theory so popular these days? So many people sure get off on playing investigator.

  22. I have a hard time feeling bad for Seal Team 6, whether their death was planned by the US or not..."Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword."

    War is a nasty business and the axiom above should be widely understood and accepted. I'm sure it's tough to do when you're only 18 and have a limited world view....

  23. Wenzel, are you serious? AJ?
    Team 6 probably did not exist. OBL's killing was a story posted on the web. OBL was likely a CIA asset. Some sources claim he died 10 years ago. Who knows? If the Seals were even there, prove it.
    Fake News to make a fake president look like a real hero. More propaganda. Why give it a mouth piece and put someone like AJ on this site?

  24. One more follow up-


    The reluctance to release the names of the soldiers killed in the helicopter crash is unusual- the policy is to release the names 24 hours after family is notified.

    Dale Fitz (looking at this with a skeptical side-eye...)

  25. I don't think it's fair to rule out anything Alex Jones claims out of hand, but this guy could probably find a conspiracy in his cereal box. And while I wouldn't put anything past the State, it's disappointing to encounter Ron Paul fans who are experts on 'the controlled demolition of building 7', but completely ignorant of libertarian principles and economics.

    Ultimately, you can find the most damning evidence of State conspiracies on the front page of the New York Times. By tracing every headline back to a smokey room, Jones drives the argument away from principled reasons for state opposition while providing the media with endless straw men for Ron Paul's 'crazy followers'. Thanks to Jones, we're all 'Truthers' now.

    Again, I don't want to be totally dismissive of his claims (broken clock, and all that), but people seem to forget Alex Jones is an entertainer. This month it's OBL conspiracies, last month it was backing up Charlie Sheen on The View.

  26. There was a Pakastani TV news interview of a neighbor who had seen the whole event from his house terrace. He says there was one helicopter that the raiders had climbed back into that blew up as soon as it took back off. This is it:


    Someone who knows the language in the comments section translated it as:

    The guy lives exactly in front of Osama’s house (so called)…he saw the whole thing with his own eyes…
    when the Media team was near Osama’s house, He comes to the NEWS correspondent and tells her “SISTER I WANNA TELL YOU SOMETHING THATS EATING ME FROM INSIDE”….but then he gets scared and calls his relatives to ask them if he should confess what he saw on that day….the news correspondent confirmed his ID and Address with the local people and politicians to make sure its not some outside guy….the guy goes ahead and says “1 HELICOPTER CAME OVER OSAMAS HOUSE, DROPPED 10-12 SOLDIERS AND WENT AWAY….IT HOVERED OVER A NEARBY MOUNTAIN FOR 20 MINS AND CAME BACK TO OSAMAS HOUSE….WHEN THE HELICOPTER PICKED UP THOSE SOLDIERS ON THE GROUND, IT EXPLODED WITH ALL THE SOLDIERS INSIDE….EVERYONE DIED AND THE CHOPPER FELL DOWN….HE SAYS HOW COULD THEY TAKE OSAMA BACK TO AMERICA WHEN EVERYTHING WAS BURNT DOWN…..at the time of blast, he was on his terrace…..he saw the whole thing…there were no cops or army around…so he quickly went to Osamas house to get a closer look…many others also went to check it out….he was not the only one…..at 5:35 The NEWS correspondent says she doesnt believe him and asks him to tell the details…then he says
    SHOOT ANYONE WHO GOT OUTTA THERE HOUSES…THEY (soldiers) SPOKE IN NATIVE LANGUAGE ( The NEWS girl confirms this…she says she heard the same thing from other people as well)….later he came to know that Osama was killed…he says around 200 people got into osamas house to check out what happened…He says WHEN THE CHOPPER
    EXPLODED, ITS CHUNKS FELL I. DIFFERENT DIRECTION….HE COULDN’T MAKE OUT WHO THE SOLDIERS WERE…THE WERE ALL OVER THE PLACE…then another minor explosion took place and the all ran out….the police and army came that and they didn’t let anybody inside again….

    Alex Jones can be alarmist and sensational, and his style may be off-putting to some, but he is exposing a lot of truth that simply is not reported on. If you don't believe that government's nature is to cover up the truth, then you are the one that is delusional. He does a great job of covering the police state, bankster state, warfare state, welfare state, environmental state, and government depredations in general. I don't accept everything he says, but he comes from a much better contextualized viewpoint than does the MSM. And anyway, the less the people trust the state, the better.

  27. This is the interview with subtitles:


  28. To be suspicious of this Osama killing, buried at sea and then the deaths of seal team 6 is merited. Big Brother wants you to think this is what happened. They also want you to believe Osama died ten years ago, when actually, Osama is Obama:


    Wake up to the elite deception. Even the very elect could be deceived. Psychops and the NWO go hand in hand.

  29. @ RHN

    I couldn't agree more.
    Especially these parts:

    "it's disappointing to encounter Ron Paul fans who are experts on 'the controlled demolition of building 7', but completely ignorant of libertarian principles and economics."

    "By tracing every headline back to a smokey room, Jones drives the argument away from principled reasons for state opposition while providing the media with endless straw men for Ron Paul's 'crazy followers'. Thanks to Jones, we're all 'Truthers' now."

  30. @ RHN

    Well said. I partly came to my interest in free-market economics via AJ, republic broadcasting, anti-war and 9/11 conspiracy theory sites. I read and listened to the latter, but their material often wasn't constructive. If you come from the mainstream and listen to enough of AJ and the like, you simply go from obedience-to-the-state to a fear-of-the-state. The state deserves neither in my opinion.

  31. I heard Alex Jones' interview with this so-called "colonel" and the guy did not sound convincing. If he is even in the armed forces, I doubt he is an officer and doubt he has access to any sensitive information. For someone who is constantly questioning everything, Jones sure didn't seem interested in questioning the credibility of his source.

    We don't even know if "Seal Team Six" exists, much less if it participated in an assassination of Osama bin Laden or anyone else. And, if they do exist and the raid actually happened and they were part of it, we don't know the identities of the people killed in this alleged helicopter crash over Afghanistan, or if they were members of "Seal Team Six."

    Paul Craig Roberts cited a Pakistani TV interview with a neighbor of the "Bin Laden house" who claimed the helicopter carrying the Bin Laden hit squad crashed, killing everyone on board. I don't know how credible this information is, but if this really happened, it would have been a PR disaster for Obama. Might explain why the story kept changing early on, and why the body was said to have been "dumped at sea" (if it was burned beyond recognition, that would raise suspicion).

  32. As RDF wrote above, "...the government/central banking/media nexus is lying to us daily, so the leap to believing that many other accepted narratives are false as well isn't impossible..."

    Once I figured out, back in '04, that I could not trust government economic statistics and MSM 'analysis', my eyes were opened. Those opened eyes saw the lies in the 9/11 story, and those opened eyes immediately saw the lies in the May OBL death story.

    Burial at sea out of respect, when we paraded the photos of Saddam Hussein's dead sons for the world to see?

  33. Sorry...I'm with most of the guys on AJ. I tend to throw on my "tin hat" when listening to him or the guys who listen to his stuff. Then, I see this: http://www.antiwar.com/blog/2011/08/10/pentagon-claims-to-kill-very-man-who-shot-chinook/

    What??? Man, there is more to this somehow...damn that AJ. Maybe his conspiracies aren't always far fetched...

  34. Alex Jones only big win is his 7/25/2001 prediction that a terror attack on the US was coming and it would be blamed on OBL.

  35. Anon@106PM-

    That even a fraction of the sheeple believe that kind of bullshit shows how effective the statists have been in "dumbing down" the populace. How the hell would the Pentagram know that the people that shot down the chopper had been killed?

    Dale Fitz

  36. Well after combing through the comments on this forum, I have come to the conclusion that 98% of you refuse to think for yourselves.

    Dopes comes to mind here.