Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If Paul Krugman Calls for a Category 5 Hurricane, to Help the Economy....

How will we know if it is fake or real?


  1. I love this picture of the Kruggie monster. He looks like some deranged and incompetent sea captain of the economy, eager for rough weather to give us all something to do.

  2. He could poop on the deck to give jobs to the swabbies.

  3. @ Anon 3:15

    He'll get to the "poop deck" once he's done heaving on his line (i.e. tugging his rope, prepping his bitt, handling his hawser, yanking his halyard, etc).


  4. Maybe the little dork can clean up my boat after 'Irene' has had her way with her. (Abacos, Bahamas).
    I'll pay him deckhand wages with which he can 'seed' the economy.

  5. "Maybe if we sunk a lot of sailboats by doing this, then boat construction will jumpstart the economy"

  6. Boat Building? Not with the corporate jet/yacht surtax.
    Might stimulate the Taiwanese economy.
    Much like they stimulated the Chinese flat screen economy.
    These mainstream Keynesian clowns make me feel so smart.