Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Getting Ugly in Texas for Rick Perry

It's getting ugly in Texas, but Ben Bernanke is not the target, Rick Perry is.

Austin-based Robert Murrow wants to hear from any strippers or homosexuals who have been hanging with Perry and wants to know what they have been up to.

The report from the NY Daily News says that there is no evidence Perry is homosexual. As for the strippers, Murrow says he personally knows strippers who can tell tales about Perry, but are too afraid to speak out.

Perry's camp says its all political garbage.

Murrow considers Perry a hypocrite since he publicly portrays himself as a family man and an avowed opponent of Gay marriage


  1. There's MORE than enough dirt on Perry. I see no need to dig up this kind of mud.

    But hey, here's a shovel, check out the Yellow Rose in Austin. Plenty of material there...

  2. There's been plenty of this kind of talk here around Austin over the years. I don't know the truth of it, but frequently where there's smoke there's fire...

  3. If a politician publicly prays with 30,000 people for the current president (whose office he is seeking) watch out. It also doesn't help that said politician is reported to have more political skeletons in his closet than Billy Boy Clinton. Follow the money and the women. And we haven't even gotten to the women yet!

    Hold your vote tight, and your wallet tighter.

  4. So wait, is he a homo or is he a womanizer with strippers? I can see one or the other, but not both.

  5. This was a shot at Ron, not Perry, ie some anonymous contributor suggesting to an ex birther or whatever to look for sexual scuttlebutt which would 'good' for Ron.

  6. The first I'd really heard about or seen Rick Perry was in this documentary...

    ...where, as governor, he knowingly let an innocent man be executed because he didn't like the language coming out of Cameron Todd Willingham's mouth (He called his ex-wife who was cajoled into testifying against him a "bitch").

    "But even with a central pillar of the state's case against Willingham in doubt, Texas Gov. Rick Perry refused to delay Willingham's execution. Last year a report commissioned by the Texas Forensic Science Commission backed up the findings of Dr. Hurst, finding that the arson evidence against Willingham did not have "any basis in modern fire science." Perry publicly defended his handling of the case and quickly replaced the commission's chairman, Sam Bassett.

    Read more:

    As is made plain in the film(at least to me), the true reasons behind his unwillingness to grant a stay of execution and re-trial was because, as part of the ruling elite, he is unwilling to admit that they can and do make mistakes.

    I do hope this scandal sees more light of day in the coming months.

  7. Michael Lewis says it best
    In any case, if you are obsessed with cleanliness and order yet harbor a secret fascination with filth and chaos, you are bound to get into some kind of trouble. There is no such thing as clean without dirt. There is no such thing as purity without impurity. The interest in one implies an interest in the other...."

    Bring on the dirt. With thirty years in processing peoples shit at the plant, I welcome the cleansing process.

  8. You know when Bill Clinton says nice things about you and admires you it's because of some commonality!

    That alone should have been a clue for any reasonably intelligent person.

    Nothing that may eventually come up should surprise anyone. Nothing.

  9. Scarlett-

    I read that Vanity Fair piece too. Scary.

    The queens at have gossiped about Perry's alleged homosexualist persuasia for ages, so I'm sure there some truth to it.

    Dale Fitz

  10. Rick Perry is about as gay as Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Yeah, right! Journalism is about reporting verifiable facts, not gossip.

  11. Maybe if Michelle Bachman is his VP candidate, her husband can help Perry out (so to speak).

  12. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." On darn, it's been a lot more than twice. Unfortunately, there are a lot more people who lack intellectual curiosity to analyze and reassess political candidates, parties, and philosophies especially when they have invested so much emotion (not thought) into it and, most importantly, the integrity to admit they been had. Who wants to publicly admit they have been swindled or hoodwinked or played?