Monday, August 22, 2011

Living Well, A Retired War Monger Speaks

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld talked at his ranch on the Big Hole River outside of Twin Bridges, Montana, with the Montana Standard.

Among his words of wisdom, he told the Standard:
Throughout history you’ll find that every time there is a retrenchment in funding for the military, the United States becomes involved in a war.
Uh, no kidding.
Rumsfeld and his wife own  a verdant river bottom spread of about 1,000 acres just a few miles out of Twin Bridges in Madison County, according to MT.  The Rumsfelds’ modest, one-story log cabin home and outbuildings southwest of town are surrounded by freshly mowed hayfields. A lush trout pond sits nearby the compound. Bluebirds, sage grouse and the occasional jackrabbit dart in front of the pickup as it ambles down the washboard dirt road toward the spread.

A towering 50-foot flag pole sporting the stars and stripes stands near the entrance to the ranch.

But the Rumsfelds don't live here year long. They "winter in Taos, N.M." And, according to MT,
Rumsfeld still keeps in touch with those he knew back in Washington, D.C. And while he’s out of office, he’s never far from lending advice to a congressman or political aide.


  1. What a tumor on that blessed land.

  2. He should write a book

  3. I've often said that if Paul ever is elected, we'll probably have another attack on American soil before he gets to slash military funding.

  4. @ Anonymous 10:09 AM, I pray that the RP military supporters will be emboldened to prevent another false flag event.

  5. Come, you masters of war...

  6. Rummy's really starting to show his age.

  7. It is nice to see this Satanic little * is living so well when more than 1 million Iraqi refugees are living in tents in the desert on the Iraqi Jordanian frontier.