Monday, August 1, 2011

LOL Krugman is Concerned the President May Cut Taxes

Paul Krugman writes:
Am I the only one to notice that Obama no longer even talks about revenue increases? Instead he says “tax reform”, which could mean lower rates and no revenue.

Complete intellectual surrender.
No Paul, you are not the only one to notice. You are the only one who thinks this means the President wants to cut taxes.


  1. You are the only one who thinks this means the President wants to cut taxes.

    Well said Robert.

  2. I saw him post that yesterday and couldn't contain a loud burst of laughter. Krugman is as clueless as ever.

  3. If Krugman wants higher taxes shouldn't he volunteer his own? Throw Warren Buffet in that boat as well...

    But no, what they mean is higher taxes BUT NOT FOR ME, the other guy, the one who doesn't deserve his wealth. I earned mine...

  4. You have to be a special kind of moron to believe that higher taxes motivates anyone to do anything but figure out more ways to avoid them. The even dumber part of this thinking is that the country already is highly dependent on high income earners to pay most of the taxes and adding even more burden only makes the government's finances even more unstable then they already are. What is often ignored about the top 5% is that there incomes are highly unstable. This is becuase a large part of their income comes in the form of commissions, bonuses or pass through income.

    What people like Krugman should be questioning is why revenues are so low. Of course that would force them to actually understand that the incomes of the top 5% are down likewise, which of course would not support the myths he believes in.

    What the Keynsian's seem unable to understand is that its 'i' that is what drives a sustainable recovery and not 'c' or 'g'. When 'g' increases it only serves to confuse 'i' and ultimately discourages 'i', which means less 'c' and more 'g'. Then throw in some leftist anti property rights and class warfare rhetoric and 'i' goes searching for security from the rhetoric of 'g'.

  5. When the rats are abandoning the ship...

    Although the rats have been running the Obama ship for some time now.

  6. Krugman is a complete idiot.