Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Louis Farrakhan with a Shout Out to Ron Paul

Check this out, Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, and discusses the founding of the Federal Reserve and mentions Ron Paul at roughly the 3 minute market.

Farrakhan has the Fed down. He has obviously been doing his homework.


  1. Just because the Grand Dragon of the KKK or the head of the Black Panthers 'gets it' doesn't mean you want their endorsement, homework or no.

  2. Little bit too much conspiracy theory but it is good that he denounces the federal reserve.

  3. Wow.. that's awesome! Farrakhan seems to be quite a intelligent man - I've heard him speak about various issues and he has always made some excellent points.

  4. Shout out to Jeckyll Isle as well. Indeed the FR Act it was rammed through Congress on Xmas eve under shady circumstances:

    Farrakhan supported Mugabe during the land confiscation. I wonder if he stuck by him during the hyperinflation.

  5. You are way behind the times.

    The Black Muslims have been preaching about the evils of the Federal Reserve for decades.

    Why do you think they are so maligned in the media.

    Some of my Muslim friends of some of the savviest business folks in the world.

    Look at Black History. When the Muslims go into the inner cities and prisons they clean the places up - no drugs, no guns, no junk foods, self-sustaining businesses, etc.

  6. I'm not sure I would feel better if Congress was at the control of the printing presses.

    The problem I have with speeches like this are the inherent contradictions midspeech. For instance, decrying world government on one hand and then lamenting the idea that one state would control another's vote in the United Nations assembly.

    I'm also not sold on the massive NWO conspiracy that seems to be so popular lately.

  7. No drugs, no junk food? Sounds like the Taliban. what's next? Kites? Music?

  8. Thanks. I reposted on my blogs on www.Wilmott.com and on www.IMackGroup.com.

    I acknowledge you on the latter.

  9. Except Farrakhan implied that Paul wants to bring the power to print money "back to Congress." That's not Paul's position. That's Kucinich's position.

  10. I can understand your relaying what are now well-heard points on the Federal Reserve, Ron Paul, anti-imperialism etc - but why use Louis Farrakhan to do it? He's certainly a master orator, but isn't he rather fond of the I'm-not-antisemitic-but line? Or do you wish us to subscribe to the jewish conspiracy stuff?

  11. I agree with Anon. 12:50 p.m.

    In my U. of Chicago days back in the early '90s, I always felt safer when the 'Fruit of Islam' folks were out and about on the streets on weekend evenings. They stared right through folks like me but kept the young black guys in line.

    Yep, I watched a video by Farakhan one year ago, and was amazed at how much sense he spoke about the Federal Reserve and money interests.

  12. @Silver Bully,

    Quite the little thought-policeman, aren't we?
    KKK - my! How original! How insightful!

    It wasn't the KKK that bombed Iraq or invaded Libya or looted the Treasury, bullyboy.
    Louis Farrakhan's support is welcome, as well as the support of all his good, hardworking followers. We are all Americans here.

    Now go stalk some little woman somewhere. We don't scare that easily here.

  13. Farrakhan might have been listening to Thomas J. DiLorzeno's lecture "The Revolution of 1913".


  14. I guess all of these pro Farrakhan folk also like Sharia law - women wearing tents, treated like second class beings, and being stoned to death for adultery while the guy gets off. Plus, if a Muslim chooses a different religion, he or she can be murdered.

    Ah yes, I would feel so safe on the streets with their gangs in control!

  15. I was a reflexive "farrakhan is a black supremacist anti-semite" guy until I started reading more balanced critiques of him. Now I understand why the media attacks and hates him- he wants blacks "off the plantation" and gov't interference in their lives and affairs ended. His philosophy is still a bit "off", but he makes a helluva lot more sense than Jackson, Sharpton and their ilk.

    I welcome his support, and have a pretty favorable view of him now.

    Dale Fitz

  16. I remember back in the day when Farrakhan was in the news a lot, I decided to look into who he was. Granted, much of what he represents is deplorable in my mind, but not nearly as much as he is portrayed to be. To be honest, most of his most "radical" comments are the most true, which is probably why he got the treatment that he did. He certainly is not a dumb man, just a little misguided on some issues. However, most of his speeches have a great deal of sense to them.

  17. Farrakhan, like Malcolm X, understood that Abraham Lincoln did not free the slaves...He enslaved everyone. The Central Bankers own everyone.

  18. I despise people like Anon@430pm who parrot right-wing bullshit with no understanding which they speak. Fundamentalist Christianity also demands stoning for adultery, and eating pork or shellfish, or working on the Sabbath, or wearing clothes of two different materials. Those poly-cotton blends are an abomination (and I don't mean that from a fashion perspective, although the same holds true) and would mean death if Fundy Christians implemented their laws.

    See how easy it is to pick 100% TRUE parts of the Bible and create a straw man? A scholarly examination of Sharia law shows that it is as fair (and in some ways superior) to Christian dictates.

    So, until you can show some basic kindergarten level of understanding of Islam, keep your ignorant hateful mouth!

    Dale Fitz, growing tired of ignorant trolls...

  19. Should be- "So, until you can show some basic kindergarten level of understanding of Islam, keep your ignorant hateful mouth SHUT!"

    Mea culpa (but I think any intelligent reader would get the point...)

    Dale Fitz, needing an editor...

  20. @Anon 4:30PM The Black Muslims in the Nation of Islam treat their women with more respect than the average man today outside of the organization. You think I'm lying then do the research. The women in the NOI are treated as the most sacred thing on the earth and they would absolutely not waste time beating down anyone who decided to lay a hand on their women or disrespect them.

  21. @Anon 4:30 pm You are right! I dated a Black Muslim all throughout high school and college. I seriously now regret not marrying him. Most of the other men (black and white) I've dated since then don't even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as my proud Muslim brother.