Sunday, August 7, 2011

A New Sign of Coming Global Inflation

The European Central Bank's policy-setting council will hold a rare Sunday conference call to talk about the euro zone problems, ECB sources said, Reuters reports.

What are these guys going to do other than print money?

The sane thing to do is allow the weak eurozone countries to default, but the banksters don't want this. Thus, the only remaining solution is the scary inflation solution.


  1. Jessy Wile for Treasury Secretary!

    Lucid, compelling, and cute.
    Maybe he can run for Prez too.

  2. Germany will be on the hook for 133% of GDP.

    I see another Deutche Mark & 1 less EU member.

    But WTF do I know?

  3. We are going to our family today for a birthday party. As chance would have it I came across our old board game with, well what do you know paper money. As we are running short now why not use it up to buy the child a birthday present? Ray gave me some inspiration.

  4. BTW,

    Silver and gold CAN also be subject to inflation if there is overproduction...(Europe, 16th century)

    and also, I spelled the name wrong..should be Jesse.

    So I think it would be fair to say metals are LESS subject to inflation than paper money, but not completely so.

  5. The Central Banksters will murder people with inflation before they allow people to be free of them. Zimbabwe and Turkey are examples.

  6. "The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default" said Greenspan on NBC's Meet the Press

    Translation: We're screwed if this kind of recklessness rules the day.

  7. Lila,

    The important point about gold and silver is that they are not subject to government control. Also, when the government doesn't control money, the chances of massive inflation are much less likely, and if, on the off chance it occurs, lack of government control of the money supply would allow people can just shift to a different form of monetary exchange.

  8. Default is an extremely irresponsible thing to do. Do we want US to default? It is even a bigger sin to call for some countries to default. Are we sure the countries will be able to get away with default and has little repercussion? Do we have no mercy for what will happen to the people? Yes, the governments have made mistake, as always. But the people do not deserve the dead sentence. Between two evils, the printing of money will be a lesser evil. It will dilute the Euro and make all Euro holders share the burden. That is the price they have to pay when they commit to be part of the EU family. Isn't that what family should do? Give them a chance and never tell them to die just because they over-spend.

  9. What would you do if you had the global monopoly counterfeit money racket backed by government guns and jails?


    Would you care about inflation and that the bottom 10% of humans starve to death? Bottom 20%? 30%?

    I saw an Establishment Terrorist on the retard box stating that some inflation-caused starvation was exceptable. What did you expect from these murdering psychopaths that call unintended death in war "collateral damage"?

  10. Anonymous 10:59

    inflation doesn't share the burden equally. It shifts the burden from the banks, governments, and people who loaned to the government to the poor and middle class. The people who get the new money first will benefit at the expense of those who get it last or not at all.

    If you have a family member addicted to heroin you don't help him by sharing his stash so he can't do it all by himself.

  11. Hey Bob,

    You've mentioned Nouriel Roubini a lot lately. I'll copy-paste one of his latest tweets from Twitter:

    ''2011» QE3: more Treas purchases & "Operation Twist 2.0". 2012 » QE4: Fed targeting 10 yr Treas at 1-1.5% yield via unlimited purchases.''

    It looks like the end game to me. Unlimited purchases? Hello gold $5000!

  12. There's that word "irresponsible" again. Whenever I see/hear this word, I know their is a collectivist nanny present.

  13. Greece to EU is like a State to the US, although not 100% analogy. When a State is in debt crisis, I am sure no one will call for the State to default or leave the US. It must be bailout with accompanying debt reduction conditions. Inflation is the better alternative compared to default.

  14. And still asset prices deflate.

  15. Inflation is a default. It's just a more cruel form of it. It will bail out the banks and governments at the expense of the poor and middle class.