Monday, August 8, 2011

Newsweek Finds a Scary Photo of Michelle Bachmann

They are probably not hard to find, but this one is pretty scary. Right out of The Exorcist says a D.C. friend.


  1. I think Anne Coulter's was much worse

  2. Obviously a manipulative ploy by Newsweek, which is to be expected.

    But in the case of Bachmann it's deserved, just for that dangerous and sick "Marriage Vow" crap that would have government dictating private lives.
    And for extending the Patriot Act.

  3. Newsweek's got it all wrong for a guy like me.

    The 3 things I don't want to know about Michelle Bachmann are her views on God, the Tea Party and the evils of government. Talk about an unholy trinity!

  4. You know what's ALSO scary? Their TOP choice to comment on the economy listed just to the left of the She Devil. Are people's memory's so short? Cut to Video:

  5. The state terrorists at Newsweek don't seem to like her...Just a guess.

  6. I have to go against the grain here and say that it would be almost impossible NOT to find a scary picture of Bachmann.

    Every time I see her on TV, the thing that strikes me is that bizarre look in her eyes. She's a scary individual, but most people who rationalize everything they do as "God directed me to do this" are scary.

  7. Yeah...That terror-twit Gordon Brown of the economy. Film at 11:00.


  8. In all honesty, she is a bit of a reptilian. Just saying...

  9. When she was reading Human Action at the beach, she must have gotten to the part about credit expansion.

  10. Does it strike anyone how similar Bachmann and Pelosi look? They both usually have that same crazy Joker smile and staring eyes in these photo op pics.

  11. @Anonymous 12:37 PM, re: scary people "directed by God". Agreed!

  12. "Every time.....but most people who rationalize everything they do as "God directed me to do this" are scary."


    I take it you've never seen Paul Krugman on TV then?

    Most people can be made to look crazy and/or guilty, pervy, or anything else by bad angles, lighting that makes them open their eyes too wide and slogans accompanying unattractvie pictures.

    That is the secret of the perp walk, the mug shot, the "most dangerous/most wanted" photo galleries, and other tactics of police state propaganda that it seems even otherwise reasonable people can't see through.

    Bachmann might have her share of irrationality, but a Newsweek cover is no proof of it.

  13. Well, she did work as prosecuting attorney for the IRS. Need one say more?

  14. She looks like she's thinking -
    "Beam me up Scotty!"

  15. this is a business decision by newsweek. notice, tina brown has been intentionally choosing controversial covers
    ( re-animated princess di, favorable palin cover etc.) in order to generate publicity and light a fire under the lefty subscribers and get them talking. newsweek has been in BAD shape recently and needs to stay relevant and boost numbers-pretty smart move actually.

  16. @Anonymous

    Now that's an insightful comment.

  17. @Lila, point well taken! I still believe "Anonymous" has a valid point.

  18. Haha, notice the Somalia article right next to her head. They're linking her to anarchy and linking anarchy to tyranny and pain. The state media is going all out on this one.

  19. @Cpt Anarchy,

    That's brilliant. And let me add to it.

    On the RIGHT: Somalia, anarchy - tyranny pain
    (subtext - black Africa lapses into chaos without empire, leaving it to the mercy of theocrat "libertarians" like Bachmann with their deceptive anti-government rhetoric)

    On the LEFT: You (and your portfolio) will be protected from politics (no kidding - that's what it says) by the good guys of government, who are (drum roll)

    Gordon Brown (ROTFLOL)
    Bankster stooge who sold UK gold at its bottom while selling debt to UK tax serfs

    Niall Fergusson
    Imperial apologist, Rothschild hagiographer, DC power-player etc.etc.

    Jane Harman (Dem; see wiki bio, for association with intelligence, AIPAC etc).

    Jennifer Granholm (Michigan gov, dem, sexy shiksa ; see also Samantha Power for the template)

  20. @Lila 1:16

    People who use "God's personal directives" as their excuse for everything are scary regardless, but that was a different point than Bachmann's pictures.

    As I said in my original comment, it's difficult to find a picture or video of her where she doesn't look pretty crazy. It's in her eyes. While it is possible to get single instances where anyone can look crazy, Bachman looks so a disproportionate amount of the time. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and I've found that to generally be true. I believe there is something fundamentally psychologically wrong with Bachmann.

    I have seen Paul Krugman on TV, but he mostly just looks like an a--hole. Of course, I'm sure my perspective in that matter is biased.

  21. @Anonymous 4.33

    "I'm sure my persepctive is biased".

    Yes, if you think Krugman isn't crazier than Bachmann.

    Re, people taking personal directives from God. They've been doing it forever and some of them are our most solid citizens and revered historical figures.

    By your lights, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Muhammed, and other religious leaders were crazy psychotics, though there is no evidence of that.

    By your lights great artists like Liszt, Chopin, Haydn, Handel, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven who felt that the deity had expressly given them their abilities and in some cases even whispetered in their ears, are crazy.

    Newton (with his astrology and occult leanings), Pico della Mirandola, Ficino, Pythagorus, and dozens of other great thinkers fully immersed in occult or religious teachings, were crazy.

    So were people as diverse as Florence Nightingale, Madame Blavatsky, and Gandhi...who all had callings from on high, they claimed.

    In fact, I think you'll find a very high proportion of humanity's greatest achievers seem to have been crazy in this way...

    But, thank god, along came 20th century man to set us straight about it all...

  22. @Lila

    Per usual, you stretch your arguments way beyond what was said. Bachmann's eyes look like a person who is strained by reality. Krugman's craziness is different.

    There's a big difference between believing in a deity and having that deity "tell you" what to do. I'd say the VAST majority of people who claim a deity spoke to them directly are psychotic. God doesn't seem to work that way.

    Bachmann was called by God to persecute people in the IRS, then she was called by God to run for congress, and now she's called by God to run for president. That speaks to either "lying sack of s**t" or crazy. Rick Perry was as well. So, are we to take it that God has no idea what he's doing?

    People using the "calling of God" execute the ultimate logical fallacy -- appeal to authority, and there is no greater authority than God.

    Bachmann has screws that are loose. You can see it in her eyes.

  23. Didn't Newsweek sell for a dollar? Whoever paid that much for it was robbed!

    Newsweek is like the NYT and part of a dying, unprofitable form of media of the northeastern establishment elitists that is having its clock cleaned by internet sites like this. I can read this blog for a day for no expense other than the time spent reading and learn more about what is really going on than subscribing to newsweek for years.

  24. As for her "bizarre look" and "reptilian" appearance -

    Don't you think an overtight face lift...not belief in the likely cause?

    Face lifts often damage the muscles around the eyes and mouths and lead to stiffness of expression...

    I don't know if she's had one but I think that's a far more reasnable explanation - given that she looks like a woman who takes pride in her appearance....

  25. @Anonymous

    You see a bad photo of a conservative woman and draw conclusions about god, religious belief, and mental conditions.
    I see the same photo and notice angles, lighting, and propaganda value.

    And I'm "stretching per usual"?

    Ha ha. You're a humorist....

  26. The look on her face is not uncommon for her. Watch some video clips where she is standing by while being introduced. Whether a natural part of her uniqueness or brought on by other means, its an amplified distraction.

    Its her voting record and policy positions I do not concur with.