Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Now Military Opposes Releasing Names of Those Who Died in the Attack on the Chinook Helicopter

With conspiracy theories boiling over as to what was behind the death of 30 service men on Friday, most believed to be Navy Seals, the government may break with tradition and not supply the names of those killed.

"There were concerns expressed by the SOCOM (US Special Operations Command) commander about the safety of the members of the unit and their families and the families of the fallen," a senior military officer told AFP News.

Under the Pentagon's rules, the identities of dead service members are released publicly 24 hours after families are notified about the death of their loved ones, according to AFP.


  1. Yes, the gunvernment and the Pentagram are so concerned about protecting peoples peace, safety and prosperity they do it AFTER they invade other countries!

  2. "Service men"?! Now Wenzel, come on...

  3. Ruh-roh!

    Don't worry guys, NATO just killed the men responsible for shooting down the helicopter of Navy Seals! They even know the guys name who specifically fired the shot and everything! Pretty amazing huh? (sigh)

    I am not much of a tin foil hat kinda guy...but this is getting weirder and weirder by the minute.

  4. The government killed the troops. How are the heroin crops doing? Who is trafficking the heroin, is it the "right" guys?

  5. Chris K-

    Once you accept that the gov't/media lies about EVERYTHING related to banking, war, etc. then it doesn't seem so weird. They are just protecting their corporate masters.

    Dale Fitz

  6. I just cant believe the average Joe doesn't stop and say "wait a minute, they found this guy in 4 days and took him out, yet it took 10+ years to find Bin Laden"....that worries me a little more than the actual atrocity that the gov't committed.