Monday, August 15, 2011

Private Postal Service in Poland

Yes, it can be done and the Poles prove it.

Bryan Ripp emails:
I thought it might be interesting with the liberty crowd to inform them about a private postal service in Poland. My wife is from Krakow and a good friend of hers (who after high school installed TV antennas for seniors after the fall of communism) has built up a successful telecommunications firm (his website). Her friend has informed me of one of his clients as the owner of InPost. InPost has 18% market share across Poland competing with the official government service.


  1. Hey, bob. You're friend Nouriel Roubini says, "Marx was right capitalism will destroy itself."

    Is he dropping a hint about Marxism being the future economic system or something?

  2. Not to diminish Poland, but New Zealand has been doing it successfully for some time now.

    Where's Lysander Spooner when you need him? :)

  3. I have no doubt Fed ex and ups would efficiently and profitably deliver mail if they were not prevented from doing so by law.

    Lets let the free market compete.

  4. The person who owns InPost is a top 100 Forbes list of wealthy indivuals. His name is Brzoska Rafal.

  5. Good to hear! I am moving from Kansas City to Krakow on Sept 2 for two years for my company.