Saturday, August 27, 2011

Report: Gaddafi Spotted in Zimbabwe with His Female Bodyguards

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has fled Libya to Zimbabwe on a jet provided by Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe,  sources are claiming, according to the Daily Mail.
President Mugabe's political opponents claim their spies saw Gaddafi arrive in the country on a Zimbabwe Air Force jet in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

They say the Libyan dictator was taken to a mansion in Harare's Gunninghill suburb, where agents from his all-female bodyguard were apparently seen patrolling the grounds.

Mugabe sure could use some of Gaddafi's gold. Nouriel Roubini may prefer spam over gold, but one has to wonder if Gaddafi would have been greeted with such open arms if he was travelling with cans of spam, instead of gold.


  1. New aphorism for global economic collapse (Taleb, eat your heart out):
    He who has the gold, has the getaway.

  2. Female bodyguards? They must be amazonian giants or something then.

  3. I guess Krugman/Roubini/Bernake need to go tell Mugabe that gold isn't money.

    Yet another hilarious example of how wrong mainstream economists are about the real world, and how right the austrians always are.

  4. Anon 12:19,

    Or girls higher up the jet ladder.

    Snoop Dogg, eat yer heart out, this dude be stylin'

  5. And I thought the U.S. wanted Gadhafi's gold to refill Fort Knox. How long before we remove Mugabe from power?

  6. Our Owners adore Mugabe! He stole everything from Zimbabwe producers using tax and *HUGE* inflation and he is still alive to laugh about it. Our Owners would love that level of terrorist power.