Saturday, August 27, 2011

Roger Stone Disses the Bushies---All of Them

Self-described political hitman Roger Stone organized the so-called "Brooks Brothers riot" where Republican congressional staff members protested at an office where ballots were being recounted. Many believe this protest blocked key Al Gore votes from being counted and resulted in George Bush gaining the presidency.

But times have changed. Stone is a Bush loyalist no more. Here's Stone on his Facebook page profiling the Bush family:
Bush family opposition to Rick Perry single best reason to be FOR Perry.
Barbara Bush, a boozed up old witch hates Perry. GHWB, who raised taxes, GWB who spent like a drunken sailor and Jebbie the turd all campaigned against Perry's re-election and got the crap beat out of them. Rove has made millions while leading the GOP to the loss of both Houses of Congress. The GOP must purge our party of Bushism
Clearly, Stone has failed to receive the designated Iraqi oil well he was promised.



  1. And when Perry is no longer the flavor of the month, Stone will be trashing him too.

  2. Jeb was a good Governor of Florida.

  3. Mr.Stone, like so many others, had to be in the tank with the sharks to learn about them. I never second guess such people.

    Today no one wants to know the truth about anything...the spin is so much more fun. That is why we are watching our world slowly sink into the quagmire of history.

    Mr.Stone, I hope you do better with Perry but with Wall Street and characters like Buffett and Gates throwing money at Obama in order to get more money from the Fed, well,it will be a most anemic election! Recession has a way of cutting contributions to anyone because you believe in something!

  4. @star-gazer

    Jeb Bush was also part of the mess that wrecked Florida. The acceleration of the socialization of the state of Florida started under him. Its asinine to think the Bushes had no hand in wrecking the Florida economy and the Republican party here too.

    Now for Stone, the guy has taken some serious economic hits in the last few years and has been bleeding cash. Of course, he's been betrayed by the same sharks that he worked with before. But sharks eat even their young, right? Definitely not surprised here.

  5. Stone is an angry, frustrated gay man who is fading quickly into obscurity. Oh and the post by CHRIS is Roger Stone.