Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ron Paul Warns 'Super Congress' Could Fast Track Tax Increases

Ron Paul has issued a statement about the new "Super Congress" formed as part of the deficit extension legislation:
Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this [Budget Control Act] deal is the “Super Congress” provision. This is nothing more than a way to disenfranchise the majority of Congress by denying them the chance for meaningful participation in the crucial areas of entitlement and tax reform. It cedes power to draft legislation to a special commission, hand-picked by the House and Senate leadership. The legislation produced by this commission will be fast-tracked, and Members will not have the opportunity to offer amendments. Approval of the recommendations of the “Super Congress” is tied to yet another debt ceiling increase. This guarantees that Members will face tremendous pressure to vote for whatever comes out of this commission-- even if it includes tax increases. This provision is an excellent way to keep spending decisions out of the reach of members who are not on board with the leadership's agenda.
In the clip below, Judge Napolitano explains the dangers of the new 'Super Congress' and how it takes away powers of the rank and file congressmen.



  1. Does anybody remember the 'Enabling Act'?????

  2. Oh come on Mike, everyone knows that was just to prevent the Jewish-Bolshevick takeover of Germany, This is a device to secure Bipartisan support for the programs that Americans need. You people are just being cynical and paranoid.

  3. You're right Heath. What was I thinking. It's for the children. And we're ALL children now i guess.
    Tom Woods is right. Our overlords know best and will care for us.
    Besides, the concentration of power and the diminishment of the popular voice, will certainly smooth the way for that super-efficient Uber-Executive.
    Number of citizens per representative:
    In 1800 - 30,000
    Now - 670,000
    Super - 24,000,000
    So that pesky democracy thing is finally under control.
    Oh, and don't forget to vote!

  4. In case you haven't figured it out yet, this is how they are going to enact a national VAT tax. We are all Europe now. We are The Borg.

  5. Not just with taxes and spending, this could also be used for things that are normally certain election killers like gun laws. Just saying....