Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ron Paul Wins National Press Club "Poll"

They may not talk about him on national television, but the National Press Club sure must know who the people want to hear. This is better than a straw poll.

In the core of Wahington D.C., Ron Paul has every luncheon speaker scheduled by the National Press Club beat. Even speakers like Gary Johnson (who speaks this Friday) and Rudy Giuliani (who speaks in September) are not sold out. The only NPC luncheon sell out is for Ron Paul's speech that doesn't take place until October!


  1. who are we comparing against? rudy and gary?

    where are bachmann, or other top 3.

    This article would have been more impressive if that were the case.

  2. Well, you can only go with who the National Press Club chooses to host. The point I think RW is trying to make is that of the entire series of speakers only Ron Paul has sold out. Since this is going on in D.C. that's big!

  3. Ron is great for news. The media is having to choose between ratings and agenda right now. So far, they’re going for agenda, but that will change…

    Thank God for the internet, and starving bloggers and wannabe reporters (ahem, Russia Today) who are willing to study up and then ask Dr. Paul hard, in-depth questions, and wait for the answers.

    These pieces and videos inevitably end up on the Internet, linked to by LRC, EPJ, Daily Paul, etc., and generate income for those voracious writers. More and more people are going to the Internet to get their news, which means fewer and fewer people are going to FOX, CNN, MSNBC, much less ABC, NBC, CBS.

    When the MSM realizes the advertizing dollars they are missing out on by NOT covering Dr. Paul they will change course. Then watch for a sea-change in public opinion as the Bill O’Reilly’s, Mark Levin’s, and Rush Limbaugh’s of the MSM flip-flop and acknowledge Ron Paul as a viable candidate.

    These peices and videos inevitable end up on ther Internet, linked to by Lew Rockwell, etc., and generate income for those voracious writers.

  4. @Texas Chris,

    I agree. The internet has revolutionized our abilities to share ideas and dissent. It's one area I personally hope and pray the anti-freedom types are never able to get their fangs and claws in. Not only for myself, but my children as well.

    Thanks Al!

  5. @Anon... I'd rather hear Elon Musk or Gary Johnson than any of your 3 top-tier speakers. But I guess that's still not a fair comparison.

  6. @Texas Chris, I was at the same time, impressed with the depth RT was able to interview Ron Paul on monetary policy, and ashamed that our own domestic news media doesn't even seem to try.

    Our news stories may as well be delivered in baby bottles, or under Snapple caps.

  7. @Larry... we know that the US Govt has been trying to install a 'kill switch' on the internet for a while now. I have long suspected that if 2012 brings us TEOTWAWKI, the turning point would be a State attack on the internet.