Friday, August 12, 2011

Thanks to Fed Money Printing Demand Soars for Silicon Valley Homes

In Palo Alto, home of Facebook, the median selling price of a single family home increased to $1.3-million in June, up nearly 5 percent over last year, according to research company DataQuick. Soaring prices are also evident in
Los Altos, and in Mountain View, where tech companies like LinkedIn and Google have their headquarters.

One of the key entry points for current Fed money printing is the venture capital sector, specifically the venture capital sector in and around Silicon Valley.

It shows in the climbing real estate market. The money will eventually seep into other geographical regions of the country, but Silicon Valley is one of the epicenters. And given that money growth doesn't seem to be stopping, real estate prices should continue to soar in the Valley.


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  1. I get a kick out of regressives that love to point out how the wealthy are taking too much of the pie (as if they have any means of understanding it) which causes them to fixate on income taxes as if that is some kind of magical remedy to the problem they envision. What they always seem to not understand is that its government interventionism and manipulation of markets that enriches those at the top with the income tax acting as a mere toll collector along the way.

    Yesterday Obama and a bunch of his regressive buddies celebrated the gifting of $449million to two highly profitable and well capitalized large corporations, one foreign and the other a domestic Florida corp, in exchange for the creation of a mere 500 jobs in Michigan. These are the same morons that like to harp week after week about corporate welfare and here they are celebrating a massive corporate welfare package. The sickest part however, is that they gathered a bunch of working stiffs together to applaud their gift to the oligarch.