Thursday, August 18, 2011

Will the Collapse of the Syrian Government Result in the Rise of a Iran-Iraq Power Block?

Patrick Seale, a long term observer of Syria in particular and the greater Middle East, has written:
Post-Mubarak Egypt is likely to distance itself from Israel and rejoin the Arab camp, while Syria's alliance with Iran – unpopular with the Sunni- majority population, – could be endangered by any change of regime in Damascus. Other significant changes to the regional geopolitical map include the emergence of Turkey as a beneficent player, promoting trade and conflict resolution, and Iraq's slow recovery as a major Arab power from the devastation inflicted on it by Tony Blair, George Bush and America's pro-Israel neocons.

Are we then about to witness some reshuffling of alliances formed 30 years ago? Iraq and Iran, who fought a bitter war in the 1980s, could well draw closer now both are under Shia leadership. Together they will form a formidable power block. America's colossal investment in men and treasure in the Iraq war will seem vainer than ever
Seale's full analysis, written in April, is well worth reading and is here.

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  1. Another example of the consequences of our idiotic Wilsonian foreign policy that just creates more problems than it solves.