Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bob Murphy-Karl Smith Cage Match

Economist Bob Murphy took on Karl Smith in an Econ Cage Match, Friday evening. I haven't seen the match yet, but I understand Murphy never had to break a sweat.

In fact, I hear Murphy is so cocky after this match that he is thinking of challenging Paul Krugman and Robert Reich to a 2 against Murphy match.

You can register to watch a replay of the Smith mauling here.


  1. Glad to hear that he kicked some Keynesian arse. But, if he wants to take on both Krugman and Reich then he better get back to training...

  2. I want to see space aliens against Krugman. Krugman will declare war on them to stimulate the economy.

  3. Robert Reich will be at my alma mater next week. I'm thinking of dropping by and asking a few questions of my own.

  4. Ever watch that statist parasite Reich debate? No matter what is said he claims to win the debate like a little bratty boy. It is embarrassing to watch.