Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Citizen Suggests a Music Resignation Theme for the Mayor of Miami Beach

Steve Berke, a resident of Miami Beach who is a candidate for Miami Beach mayor, last night charged Mayor Matti Herrera Bower with fraud for taking two years of city pension for time she spent as a dental assistant before getting elected.

"I'm calling for your resignation, and if you'll consider resigning, I have the perfect resignation theme music for you," Berke says. "I present to you, sexy sax man superstar Sergio Flores."



  1. You should mention that Roger Stone is a political consultant (i.e. campaign manager) for Steve Berke and together they are putting together the "first" political reality-based TV show. Stone has long been a resident of Miami Beach besides his time in New York (they met because of their mutual NY connections).

    It is an interesting movement these two are trying to start. A lot of NY connections between the two of them. This NY seed money is going toward a lot of political fundraising and starting a new youth-based political branding.

    This approach is so unique "so Miami Beach" that I don't know to take them seriously or if they are seriously on to something. Their approach is a refreshing media based approach using the "party scene" to reach out to a new generation of voters.

    The election is in November and it is up in the air if they can truly motivate people who show up to glitzy parties to become educated and volunteer considerable time to knocking on doors and convincing voters to vote for Steve Berke AND build a campaign structure that captures enough absentee ballots to block the mayor (Florida for the past 4 years has had absentee or mail in ballot fraud heavily effect elections since there is NO way to confirm if the voter actually mailed the ballot).

    I suppose the question is: Is Roger Stone THAT good?

    A ten-year incumbent (including time on the city commission) with much of the political establishment behind them versus Roger Stone, a lot of entertainment industry backing, a lot of NY money and a young, fresh-faced 30-something year old IVY league ex-reality TV star. There is also another IVY league fresh faced Hebrew that is running with a stronger ground game (Dave Crystal).

    I'm watching this all play out eating a bag of popcorn with real butter. Stay tuned. If elections like this can be won with Stone's strategy then most likely it'll also play out well for Ron Paul.

    P.S. The incumbent mayor is a grandmotherly figure, Hispanic, married to a Hebrew (hence the Hebrew last name), never graduated high school and was the supposedly non-establishment vote when she first name for office (after 2 terms on the commission??). She is only allowed one more term as mayor (term limits) so there is no stronger move from the political vultures of Miami Beach to move behind any opposition.

    The City of Miami Beach is plagued with inept municipal workers (including police and fire employees), many workers do not speak English, taxes are high, government bribes are transparent, noxious city ordinances, city services are a mess, in fact, the city is doing everything it can to push people away from visiting the city (streets are dirty, developers are allowed to let vacant property turn into blight)... on and on I could go.

    How does a city that makes 60% of its revenue from tourism have such an anti-tourism approach? Corruption. Miami Beach is a perfect example of killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

  2. That's right! That's how we do it down here in Miami Beach! LOL!

    That took place in Miami Beach City Hall - a few blocks from where I live.

    What can I say. We are "special" down here. Maybe it's too much sun!