Thursday, September 29, 2011

Forget the Judge, Bob Murphy Gets Interviewed in Slovakia

I think the television anchor is fascinated by Murphy's economic wisdom. View here.

UPDATE: Bob Murphy emails:

In all seriousness, you would be shocked at how many people over there knew about the Mises Institute, Ron Paul, etc


  1. also, slovakia is the only EU country that realistically might vote against the EU ''safety mechanizm''.this is a brochure that one coalition party is distributing, see >
    the party chief even went on german tv to debate local politicians.

  2. Off topic:

    Laurence Kotlikoff gives Paul Krugman a dose of his own medicine though he was too easy on him.
    His comment link:

    Copy of comment:
    Laurence Kotlikoff
    Boston, MA
    September 29th, 2011 10:15 am

    Dear Paul, Yours is the rare ability to put words in people's mouths that they never said and then ridicule them for it. It's rare because it's dishonorable. There is nothing in my column that says anything about my reading of Keyne's views. I did not used the letters K e y n e s except in spelling Keynesian. I'm not sure Keynes was a Keynesian. I believe you are, at least in part. is your very own blog claiming that price stickiness is significant. I'm not suggesting that being Keynesian is being misguided. I think, like you, that price and wage stickiness is a problem for certain markets. I'm just saying that if it is a problem, you and Jaime would be excellent economists to sort the problem out and recommend fixes. Sorry if this offends you. But, trust me, you give much better than you get and it's not making your mother proud. Larry"