Monday, September 26, 2011

Former Google Marketing Manager: It's Time to Raise Taxes on the Rich

Doug Edwards, the former Director of Consumer Marketing & Brand Management for Google, today asked President Obama, at a Linkedin townhall, to raise his taxes.

He specifically said that he wanted more money to go to Pell grants. A Pell Grant is money the federal government provides for students who need it to pay for college.

But if Edwards really wants to see more money go to needy college students, the big question to hom should be: Why don't you just give your money to needy college students? Although Edwards framed his statement to the President in the singular, "please raise my taxes" what he is really calling for is that the taxes of others be raised.

Further, although he couched his tax demand in terms of Pell grants, that's not how it works. Tax money goes to the government, where the government will do with it what it pleases. A lot of it will go to killing machines, from drones to other advanced weaponry. Some will go to the bureaucratic machine so that minimum wage laws will be enforced across the country, so that the unskilled will never have the chance to learn on the job.

Some will go to the FDA where the money will be used by the FDA to impose a greater layer of bureaucracy on drug makers (especially those not politically connected) thus slowing down those attempting to introduce new drugs in the country.

So when Edwards tells us he wants more Pell grants, we should ask him if he also wants more drones, more unemployment among the unskilled and fewer pharmaceutical drugs released into the market, because that's really where the money is going to go, if Edwards cry to raise "his" taxes becomes reality and all our taxes are raised. If he wants to pay for a likley worthless education of some financially needy person with money that he wants taxed away, then he should leave the drones, the delayed drugs, the wars, and us out of it, and just make the payments to the students.

Tim Carney points out that Edwards has given $300,000 to politicians since 2000. That's about 60 Pell Grants he could have provided.

Now, really, instead of trying to influence politicians to do things to us him, he should really mind his own business instead of making this phony pitch in his name, when he wants all our taxes raised to pay for all kinds of damn truly insane things:


  1. Welcome to Democracy where everyone thinks they are entitled to everyone elses lives and earnings. This terror is going global so we will have a planet of criminal parasites.

  2. Hit him on twitter at @xooglr with this post. I'm tweeting it now.

    I've found that using Twitter to point out the idiocy of gov't worshipping "liberals" (aka socialists) is very effective. When they respond to you it's even better!

  3. If raising taxes on job creators is of no consequence to job creation as Obama argues, then you have to wonder why Obama's Jobs plan is built around cutting taxes. Either taxes impede job creation or they don't. It seems that Obama wants it both ways.

    I also wish that when wealthy people like Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, etc argue that income distribution has been unfair, that they had the moral decency to perform an accounting of their own wealth and then cut the government (their beloved entity) a check to cover their ill gotten gains. Either they earned their money fairly or they didn't. If they earned it fairly, then how can they argue that, that isn't true of other wealthy people? I always love how "the fair" crowd always exempts themselves or their past actions from being considered.

  4. Please, Mr President, tax us more... Artificially low interest rates have not distorted investment and loan processes enough. I want you to take more of my money that I could invest in legitimate businesses. Please, take it and invest in companies like Solyndra. You say that's a bad idea but I, like Bernanke, believe that all failures are results of not going big enough. If we had invested a billion in Solyndra, they would still be going. So please, take my money, hire more bureaucrats and pay for more people to get philosophy degrees from Harvard. That is what our country needs, and that is what will get out out of this "double dip" recession which nobody could have possibly predicted.