Monday, September 12, 2011

Fraud Could Impact Many High-Ranking California Democrats

The arrest of Kinde Durkee, accused of defrauding California Assemblyman Jose Solorio, may signal that the financial coffers of many California Democrats are a lot lighter than they had thought.

Durkee was treasurer for hundreds of federal, state and local campaign committees. According to Politico, the campaigns included those of Dianne Feinstein, Linda Sanchez, Bob Filner and Susan Davis.

In total, according to an FBI complaint, Durkee had signature authority over 400 accounts. Sanchez has checked her account and  reported that virtually all of her $379,000 in campaign funds are gone. Others have not yet been able to determine the status of their funds, since in most cases only Durkee had control and signing authority over the accounts.

It's not exactly the same, but many California politicians are about to find out what a government freezing and confiscation of assets feels like.


  1. So, politicians that rob us of our funds through taxation had their donations robbed from them?


  2. If this is true, America's elected officials can't manage the most basic of financial operations, their campaigns.

    The Red Team has the NRCC scandal with Treasurer Chris Ward given the keys to the kitty. Now the Blues may have a Durkee debacle.