Sunday, September 25, 2011

Herman Cain Means No Tax Cuts and Increased Military Spending

Tom DiLorenzo reports in from Florida:
Herman Cain won handily after laying out his basic philosophy in a fifteen-minute speech on Saturday. He wants to reform the tax code, he says, but IT WILL BE REVENUE NEUTRAL. That is a direct quote. This is D.C. Speak for "We will never cut taxes; tax revenues must never, ever, be reduced by any "tax reform."

On top of that, Cain insisted that, unlike others in D.C., he wants to INCREASE military spending even more than Obama has. So, he wants to guarantee that government spending will be even higher than it is now during the Obama regime. .


  1. this reminds me of when McCain had campaigned on simplifying the tax code into a single form. That's all nice and good, but the real issue is to reduce taxes, or preferably, to eliminate them completely.

  2. This guy sound very reasonable for a pizza chain spin master,but that ain't just plain cheese/pepperoni cut in six.