Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HOT: Solyndra Executives Back Out of Congressional Hearing

Executives of solar equipment maker Solyndra Inc. have canceled their Wednesday appearance before a congressional investigative committee at the last minute.  Developing....

Update: Executives of the bankrupt Solyndra Inc have canceled their scheduled Wednesday appearance before a congressional investigative committee. The executives cited a complicated bankruptcy and a federal investigation they face.

Solyndra executives made significant contributions to President Obama's  2008 campaign and George Kaiser the firms largest investor was a major Obama fundraiser in 2008.

There's more on Solyndra here.


  1. They must be following Crazy Eddie on twitter.

  2. Been following this story here, and on Zero Hedge (read Bruce Krastings message the night before it all went to shit) and despite the virtual blackout in the MSM, it looks like this is gaining steam.

    The incestuous connections, the pressuring emails released via the WaPo, the intimate ties to the Obama admin, the unusual and extraordinary subordination of US gov't claims vs senior creditors...this is snowballing into a BIG shitstorm for Obama. I just wish someone could connect Rick Perry or Mitt Romney to it too!

  3. "...connect Rick Perry or Mitt Romney to it..."

    Why not BOTH? Go big, or go home!