Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Obama Won His US Senate Office

At Political Theatre, Lew Rockwell mentions my comment to him about Tim Geithner's father funding President Obama's mother. The facts are there and it should be broadly understood, but what also should be understood is that it appears Obama had his political career cleared for him right from the start.

I happened to have somewhat of a front row seat when Obama first ran for Senate in Illinois. In the Democratic primary he ran against a very wealthy stock trader, Blair Hull. Hull was unskilled as a politician, but he had big money (his own) to compete against Obama. He had the support of Chicago's Gold Coast behind him and I attended one event where Billie Jean King endorsed him.

He was well ahead in the polls, when his sealed divorce papers were leaked to the press. During the divorce, his then-wife accused him of hitting her. Now, the one thing you could say about Hull was that he was a meek guy. You never really know what goes on behind closed doors, but my bet would have been that his ex was the one doing the smacking around, rather than him. That said, as we all know, all kinds of accusations can fly in a divorce, especially when hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake.

But the press rode this "beating" story, and the politically unskilled Hull plummeted in the polls and Obama won the Democratic primary by a huge margin.

In the general election, Obama faced the very popular Jack Ryan, a one time Goldman Sachs partner. It appeared that Obama had no chance against Ryan. But then Ryan's divorce records and child custody files were released. In the custody files, his then-wife, the actress Jeri Ryan (who had a role as Borg member "Seven of Nine" on Star Trek: Voyager), alleged that Jack Ryan had asked her to perform sexual acts with him in public in sex clubs in New York, New Orleans, and Paris. Jeri Ryan described one as "a bizarre club with cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling."

Days after the release, Ryan withdrew from the race. In his place, the Republican Party placed the ineffective Alan Keyes, and Obama coasted into the Senate seat, receiving 73% of the vote.

It was the largest percentage ever achieved in the state history of U.S. Senate elections. When Lew writes that Obama:
was wafted upwards by the establishment, through the most expensive schools, to a sure-win US senate race, to the presidency, the fact that he was to the Langley manor born might explain it.
He isn't kidding. Without the extremely weak charges against Hull, that the media mysteriously harped on, Obama would have never made it out of the primaries. Then he comes up against Ryan, who to an outsider would have looked like a formidable opponent, but in retrospect was put in to be taken out Hull-style via divorce-related revelations, only to have Obama face the very weak opponent Keyes.

Wafted upwards is exactly what comes to mind.


  1. Its one of those strange things that Alan Keyes likes to talk about, too.

    You see, he was one of the few people to challenge Obama's citizenship in court and convince a judge that he had grounds to contest (being his direct political opponent).

  2. It is unfortunate that the sheeple are so blind as to label Keyes a weak opponent. He might not be politically astute but the guy is one of the few that has a clue on how to fix things. Pretty much a Barabbas vs Jesus election in a way. Sad to think that if this was all a manipulation by the behind the scenes powers that they used Keyes as their go to easy-to-beat candidate, even though they know if people actually listened to Keyes the manipulators would be in trouble. Interesting that all the fake opponents all had big financial ties as well.

  3. Who leaked the "sealed" divorce papers? Was there any investigation?

  4. Thanks to the internet -- and people like Wenzel and Rockwell -- the contours of world puppetmastery continue to emerge in clearer and clearer detail.

  5. Is revolutionpac doing anything to bring attention to the voting that is taking place for questions to be asked at the flordia GOP debate? I feel like there needs to be a concentrated effort to get real questions asked instead of "gotcha" ones directed at RP (like the term limits question currently showing under the "most popular" tab, with only 39 votes, even though the other ones all have at least 111 votes.)

    i feel like with a few strong, direct questions that receive a lot of votes, the moderators wont be able to ignore them and RP can shine.


  6. The more you tell someone they are wrong, the more stubborn they become. Just take comfort in knowing when they finally see the light you will be there holding the flashlight.

  7. Same techniques used over and over. Once you observe the way Ron Paul campaigns have been treated you start to recognize the methods in wider use.

  8. And Rahm's role in the leaking?

    Don't forget viscous accusations against John McCain in South Carolina. Reds and Blues play the same slanderous games.

  9. If I recall correctly, Obama won the Illinois state senate election by finding tricks to remove his opponents names from the ballot.

  10. I believe the Chicago Tribune demanded the divorce papers be opened out of Los Angeles court. Chicago Tribune once employed David Axelrod.